Within the values ​​of Altiservice stations, sustainability and environmental care are fundamental pillars

In the midst of fighting against climate change, many companies consider their models to make their business compatible with the new concepts of sustainability.

Altiservice has given absolute priority to the goal of making its ski resorts sustainable leisure places.

For this, it has carried out different programs that guarantee this goal, making this chain one of the most advanced in investment for the sustainability of the Pyrenees.

Skigo, an ecological bus to reach Saint-Lary

Practical, ecological and economical, the Skigo service provided by Altiservice has all the ballots to be the best means to access the Saint-Lary station during weekends.

Views in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary Station
Views in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary Station

Every Saturday and Sunday of the season, the regular Skigo bus service allows you to access Saint-Lary from Toulouse comfortably and without the worries of accessing the station by car.

To take advantage of the maximum possible time, the bus leaves from several places in Toulouse and its surroundings at 7 am and returns at the end of the afternoon.

Ski enthusiasts can benefit not only from this comfortable service, a discount on ski rental is also included.

The price of Skigo service together with a one-day pass is 36€ for adults and 34€ for students and children between 5 and 11 years old.

For more information and online sales, you can access the official Skigo website or the Altiservice homepage.

Obtaining the most important development label in France

In 2017, Altiservice obtained the Lucie 26000 label, the most important in France in terms of sustainable development.

Lucie 26000 label
Lucie 26000 label

This brand is awarded to companies that demonstrate the greatest corporate social responsibility. Lucie 26000 rewards initiatives that, in addition to having a positive business impact, create a positive footprint in their environment. In this case, it celebrates the 28 principles that have been applied in Altiservice, such as the sustainability of the station, diversity, local employment or parity in hiring.

Altiservice is in the leading position of corporate social responsibility, both in terms of employability and sustainability and respect for the environment.

A MASTER approach

At Altiservice they trust that, in order to achieve sustainable stations, it is vitally important to properly address the interests of their workers.

Partnering with the MASTER firm, Altiservice has focused on the human side of the station. In this way, they can obtain a socially innovative model that facilitates the operation of the station and, therefore, increases security levels.

Once a year, all workers are interviewed by managers about their work experience. In this way, possible problems can be treated thanks to first-hand information.

This communication system guarantees a collaborative workspace to develop new measures involving all stakeholders. In this way the quality of working conditions is improved, increasing safety levels.

Altiservice’s deep environmental and human approach places them as one of the most sustainable ski resort chains.