Of all the modalities of skiing, skimo is one of the ones that most often go unnoticed. However, the French Font-Romeu station is responsible for giving visitors the opportunity to learn about this exciting practice

Searching for new routes, needing direct contact with nature … Mountain skiing is undoubtedly one of the most appropriate winter sports to meet these needs. Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 ski resort understands them and offers visitors the opportunity to discover this fascinating practice. But what exactly are we talking about?

When thinking about skiing, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional alpine skiing, crown jewel of all the snow places. This sport discipline is practiced in safe and equipped spaces. But skiing is not just about alpine skiing, cross-country skiing is a practice that is increasingly fashionable, especially due to the freedom it provides and the physical exercise it implies.

What is skimo and how is it practiced?

Skimo, also known as cross-country or mountain skiing, is a modality that consists of hiking with skis through areas that are not necessarily prepared or marked. The objective is usually to ascend to a peak or to make a crossing, and to descend sliding thanks to the skis.

This practice allows access to places that would otherwise be virtually impossible during winter and witness spectacular snow-covered landscapes in first person. Safety is, of course, one of the essential aspects of the practice, and it is always recommended to be well informed in order to prepare for the ski trip.

This sport has become officially recognized as an Olympic discipline since summer of 2019.

What materials do you need to practice skimo?

To practice skimo you need specific material because, although it may be similar to alpine skiing, it requires certain features that are necessary in this sport.

Having cross-country skis is very important, they are lighter and more flexible than those of alpine skiing. The fixings should also be lighter so that the heels can lift while rising and block while descending.

It is essential to put “seal skins” on skis to avoid unwanted landslides and be able to ascend comfortably.

The part of the equipment that differs most from alpine skiing are the boots, with a much lower weight that allows ample mobility in the climbs and can block d in the descents to avoid possible falls.

It is very important to also carry light walking sticks, without which the ascent could not be made.

All necessary equipment can be rented at ski resorts.

Font-Romeu, the perfect French station to practice skimo

In Font-Romeu they have everything ready for skimo to be another option in their station.

Since this winter after the opening of the ski area, skiers can enjoy three routes previously prepared and marked to enjoy skiing in all its splendour in the safest way possible.

Views in Font-Romeu. Source: Font-Romeu
Views in Font-Romeu. Source: Font-Romeu

The first of these three routes is “Neofit”, of three kilometres and the best option for a first contact with this sport modality.

The second route, “Dynatour”, is more intense, with a slope of 434 meters and a duration of almost 8 kilometres.

If you want to take the adventure to the most picturesque extreme, there is a night route that can be accessed between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., the “Nightfit” route.

These skimo routes will give the skier a lovely mountain experience. This mountain and skimo discovery offer is recognized as the best by France Montagnes, and rewarded with a prize given during the 2019 cross-country ski trophies.