Altiservice proposes the way so that the first time skiing is perfect

First times can be very stressful, but if we talk about starting a new sport, they can be even more so.

The fears of making a fool of yourself or having a bad time are the most normal, especially if it is a sport that requires material and a minimum of technique such as skiing. In addition, skiing is a sport for which an initial investment is required and that could be a concern for the athlete, what if one invests a considerable amount in a ski pass and it turns out that one does not adapt properly?

For this reason, it is very beneficial for skiers to be able to test if they like the sport with a reduced prior investment. The result will be to fall in love with the sport with a minimum expense that does not involve much expense by the new skier.

Views in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary Station
Views in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary Station

In Altiservice, they have created a special ski pass for the first time of these new athletes, so that they are enchanted with the wonders of skiing in a station with a privileged location, Saint-Lary.

A special pass for beginners

This proposal made by Altiservice is very original. It’s usual for stations to generate passes to promote learning in childhood, but less common to bet on new adult skiers.

Newbie skiers in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary Station
Newbie skiers in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary Station

This pass is called “First landslides” and allows the new skier to acquire a preferential pass to try this sport for the first time over an entire hour.

In this way, the athlete can get acquainted with the team, live the environment and experiment with a new sport in a calm way, without stress and with the minimum possible investment.

If the skier wants to continue practicing the rest of the day, it’s possible to spend the rest of the day at the station for only an additional 10€.

This pass can only be purchased at the Pla d’Adet ticket office, it is currently not available for online purchase.

Bon plans, passes and offers for all occasions

Altiservice has opted this season to create a whole range of offers to meet the needs of all types of skiers.

To provide families with unforgettable skiing days there is a perfect option, the family ski pass. This allows the whole family to ski with the children’s price. It can be purchased by families of up to five children. It is available for both a day and a week.

They also encourage groups of friends to choose ski vacations. They have made the “Ski Pass”, an interesting proposal for groups of between 3 and 7 people.

Other options are designed for students, with high discounts.

As part of another offer, Altiservice has developed a specific plan for students up to 27 years old.

In Altiservice they are focused on that regardless of whether you go with family or friends, have low budget or is your first time, helping you have an unforgettable stay that will make you come back.