One of the biggest problems when preparing a ski getaway is finding low prices. In March, even if it seems impossible, you will be able to ski for only € 15!

Preparing a skiing day can be a difficulty for many budgets, especially on dates when winter sports are so popular.

Looking into discounts and special offers such as family, student or special days is essential if searching for the greatest saving possible.

Within offers, the thematic days are some of the most interesting. They are made on dates such as Christmas, Carnival or Valentine’s Day, but there are few stations that incorporate a premise of originality in their discounts.

A ski pass for 15€, with one condition

Ski pass offers may require certain conditions and one of the most original of this season is an initiative carried out by the French Métabief station.

On March 4, the ski passes will be on sale for only € 15 for the whole day of skiing. It is already an unusual price, but the conditions are even more so. In order to benefit from this tempting offer, a single requirement is requested, to go wearing a costume!

Carnival in Métabief
Carnival in Métabief

During the whole day of March 4, the Carnival festival will be held in Métabief, and on the occasion of this event, anyone wearing a costume can enjoy a daily pass for 15€.

This initiative explicitly states that skiers should wear costumes of recognizable characters.

Throughout the day you can do much more than skiing, with the slopes open until 5pm. From 9 in the morning to 16 in the afternoon there are all kinds of activities, both for adults and children.

The animations that are organized at the station are totally free and include from festive makeup made by professionals to magic shows with guaranteed fun.

One of the most anticipated moments of this Carnival of altitude is the costume contest, an activity that promises entertainment for the whole family.

The little ones will have the presence of Metsy and Funny, the adorable mascots of Métabief station, who will be in charge of guaranteeing an entertaining stay for all children. During the day, the little ones will be given sweets, a gift that never fails.

All information about the Métabief Carnival is updated on the station’s Facebook page, as well as on its website.

In conclusion, skiing for € 15 is possible and with the most original Carnival day ahead.