Chiomonte Frais station has a lot to offer, with a more than advantageous location and spectacular landscapes

In the valley of Susa, in northern Italy, there is the small and charming station of Chiomonte Frais, a privileged place of the piedmontese region for its enchanting beauty surrounded.

Its strategic location is just 68 kilometers from Turin International Airport, about four hours from Nice and just three from Geneva.

During the World Cup in Sestriere, Chiomonte Frais ski station had become a training center for many teams. Today, the resort wants to play a leading role in the Piedmontese ski world again. Over the next few weeks, the ski resort will organize the training of athletes of the World Cup and the European Cup for the Italian, Swedish and Spanish teams and skiers of Rossignol, the historical partner of the station.

Just below the peaks of Punta Mezdì and Ciantiplagna, almost 3,000 meters high, the ski area receives significant snowfalls throughout the winter. Therefore, snow levels in Chiomonte Frais are usually ideal for skiing during all the season. A valuable argument for all those who wish to benefit from good snow conditions in a preserved environment.

Views in Chiomonte Frais
Views in Chiomonte Frais. Source: Chiomonte Frais Station

A skiable domain for all levels

The ski area offers 25 km of slopes and a dreamlike environment for all mountain and nature lovers. The slopes are suitable for beginners, but also for advanced skiers and freestylers.

It has three blue tracks for beginners somewhat more advanced, five red tracks of medium difficulty and the jewel of the crown for the most daring, a black track ideal for experts.

There is also an exclusive track of 500 meters for night skiing with the best lighting, as well as six tracks so that nordic ski lovers arenot left with the desire to practice this modality.

Tracks in Chiomonte Frais
Tracks in Chiomonte Frais. Source: Chiomonte Frais Station

An investment of 500,000€ planned at the Chiomonte Frais ski resort

Frais spokesman told our colleagues in Valsusa Oggi: “Among the established objectives is the constant and lasting restoration of relations with the Rossignol company, which has brought so much success and prestige to the ski station. It is intended to make available of the brand a site to train their athletes and use their test materials, as well as make a reference point to train national teams and ski clubs. The “Rossignol” track was, and is, one of the most beautiful and appreciated one by athletes and technicians from various countries. In the past, the Chiomonte-Frais complex was one of the favorite destinations of many world cup athletes, including Bode Miller, Ted Lighety, Juillet Mancuso and Bruno Kernen, due to its configuration natural, its exposure and the quality of snow “.

The spokesman continues: “Thanks to a regional contribution and its own capital, the owner Dedalo Srl announces significant investments worth more than € 500,000. These investments will be dedicated to artificial snow, thanks to a new concession to operate the water, and the installation of new snow cannons in sufficient quantities to allow the slopes to snow in just 50 hours, and thus guarantee the opening of the season even in critical conditions. Work will also be done to improve and expand the ski slopes and increase the level of security in the area. In addition, a second mat will be installed to decongest the area for beginners. “

A cooperation to promote development

Solidarity Communication by I love ski
Solidarity Communication by I love ski

Chiomonte Frais station is also a pioneer because it is the first Italian ski resort to be part of a new initiative, the so-called Solidarity Communication by I Love Ski.

This innovative concept is designed to promote collaboration between ski resorts exclusively at the communication level. Solidarity Communication is ideal for large stations to cooperate with those that are smaller or less known.

In this case the Italian Chiomonte Frais has allied with her French neighbor Val Cenis, aware that the twinning between stations is what guarantees the growth of the sector.

The smaller stations are a central part of the ski industry, as their less intimidating size makes them the perfect place for both families and beginners of all ages. Once more experience is gained, it is usually normal for skiers to opt for wider stations, but at the same time it is very common for them to always return to the station where they took their first steps.

This collaboration is very significant since in addition to promoting an approach between large and small stations, it is a very important step in terms of international collaboration.

Chiomonte Frais station is an example of everything a small station can reach, forming part of this modern initiative and thus becoming a more connected station, a perfect destination for a ski getaway in the romantic surroundings of northern Italy.