Despite the absence of snowfall, small tourist centers, such as Val Louron, once again demonstrate their knowledge and welcome customers in very good opening conditions for this February vacations

Often located at medium altitude, small stations are accustomed to difficult conditions and are often well equipped to resist the difficulties coming from weather conditions. Val Louron complex in the Hautes-Pyrénées is a perfect example.

Val Louron, opening of 90% of the beginner domain

For this February vacations, the complex offers a set of 6 open tracks of the 7 that make up its Beginner area, with the use of the beginner’s conveyors belt and the chairlift of the fir trees. The relevance of investments in artificial snow and the work that has been carried out has contributed greatly to this situation. Customer comments are very positive, as “customers are pleasantly surprised. The ski schools have worked very well in this beginning of the school holidays with very little withdrawal”, says Anne Delignac, director of Val Louron complex.

Ending the rumours

With an area for beginners and a fully open altitude area, the station is operating in perfectly correct conditions, considering the weather and light snowfall in recent weeks. Currently, returning at the station is not assured and customers are required to take the Myrtilles chairlift to return to the station. The conditions are not ideal, but far from being exceptional in mid-altitude resorts like Val Louron. Resort professionals regularly handle this type of climate interference correctly.

Enough to end the rumor announcing the closure of the Val Louron station this weekend. “We suffer from these statements in all small stations”, insists unhappily Anne Delignac.

Val Louron, an optimization of resources to improve opening conditions

Val Louron complex is constantly attentive to improve ski conditions and affirms that “we made a great night of production two days ago. All cold niches are exploited”, as specified by Anne Delignac.

“We want to offer customers the best product for this holiday, despite the lack of snow. We offer a sled track open every day, and every Tuesday and Thursday, the beginner conveyors belt remains open after the sled tracks are closed. This Thursday we organized a descent with lights of the torches, as well as an initiation to the Biathlon”, said Delignac.

Val Louron complex is already moving towards a four-station positioning and offers complementary activities to skiing, such as trampolines at the foot of the track or the rental of electrical bicycles.

Winter holidays continue and skiing has a bright future ahead. This Saturday, Val Louron complex will organize a slalom race, in the category of “chicks” at the top of the domain. An event to highlight because Val Louron is making a station capable of hosting careers and contributing to the development of the practice between young audiences.

Top of the Val Louron domain