With its tracks for all levels and an enviable environment, the accessible station of Cambre d’Aze station is ideal for this season’s getaways

In the heart of the Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees is Cambre d’Aze, a station in the border for the enjoyment of skiers from both France and Spain.

In fact, Cambre d’Aze is in a privileged environment. The station is located between two towns, Eyne and Saint Pierre dels Forcats, and at the foot of a glacier cirque crowned by the Cambre d’Aze peak,  2,750 meters high.

Of its imposing environment, it should be noted that it is the closest station to Perpignan, so it is in a natural setting while still being easily accessible.

As a result of the Gloria storm, the station has benefited from heavy snow, which will allow the it to be open until spring, with closure being planned on March 22.

22 tracks for a complete experience

In this station there are 22 skiable kilometers, divided into 23 tracks. One of the best advantages of Cambre d’Aze is that its number of tracks per level is very even.

7 green, 5 blue, 8 red and 3 black tracks are available. In this way, half are of easy level and the other half are difficult. This arrangement is perfect for large groups with people with different levels of experience, such as families with children.

Precisely for the little ones there are two children’s tracks to facilitate learning, as well as two spaces for sledding, a children’s favorite.

Much more than slopes

For those who want to have a diverese experience at the station, in Cambre d’Aze there is a very elaborate program of complementary activities for the whole family.

During the winter you can do racket circuits and dog sled circuits, but also original bets for the most intrepid as the “canoying”.

Lovers of indoor leisure can enjoy until June the “Archéo” exhibition in the village of Eyne, open until 17:30 in the afternoon from Wednesday to Sunday.

If something more dynamic is preferred, concerts, karaokes and shows are offered in the restaurants continuously throughout the season.

Gastronomy also occupies a fundamental place in Cambre d’Aze. The villages of Eyne and Saint Pierre dels Forcats have ideal restaurants to taste the local cuisine, all made with local produce.

To spend the night there is a wide variety of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. One can stay in hotels, campsites, hostels or private rooms or apartments for comfort. For a simpler procedure, through the website of Cambre d’Aze it is possible to book the kind of accommodation you want.

Matchless offers

The ski passes of Cambre d’Aze are at very affordable prices, ranging between 22€ and 30€ per day. They can also be purchased by months or by season for the most adept skiers.

All purchases and inquiries about passes can be made online.

The closest station to Perpignan

To access Cambre d’Aze you can arrive by car from Barcelona or Toulouse, although both are more than 100 kilometers away. The closest city if you want to drive is Perpignan, 85 kilometers away.

Another, more ecological option is to arrive by train, stopping at Mont-Louis-La Cabanasse.

After confirmation of the reopening of the SNCF Yellow Train line, it is possible to book a transport service for only 1€. This opportunity allows you to discover skiing and take advantage of a 50% reduction in day passes for children or adults.

The closest airports are those of Perpignan, Girona and Toulouse.