Cross-country skiing in the ski resorts is becoming increasingly popular. Proof of this is the amount of routes established by the stations to offer the possibility of discovering this sport. In the Southern Alps, the ski areas of Val d’Allos want to participate in the democratization of this practice, with safety as their slogan.

The characteristic of the cross-country skiers is being completely autonomous: they don’t need ski lifts to take them to the summit. His legs do all the work, but this practice also involves choosing the right route for its ascent and descent, in order to minimize the risks inherent in the mountain, especially avalanches.

Cross-country skiing in the ski resort of Val d’Allos

To talk about an activity, what could be better than dedicating an event?

The weekend of February 8 was the “L’Obs by night” event, a spectacular night-time ski run. The 220 participants undertook a dry climb of 767 m high, and 3.4 km away, from the snow front to the top of the Observatory.

With a start every 20 seconds, this night race offers a spectacle for the eyes with a mountain gradually lit with lights towards the summits.

The ski resort of Val d’Allos offers a complete cross-country skiing itinerary

Beyond this media event, the ski areas of Val d’Allos offer cross-country skiing to practice throughout the winter, in the heart of its territory. A route specially designed to offer a place of practice for Nordic skiers has been created. “L’Escapade”, the name given to this route, offers a climb on the left bank towards the Vescal Summit.

A need for freedom

To meet the growing demand for freedom and “free” practice, ski areas offer safe freeride areas in all ski areas: Jonquille and three tracks at the Observatory, a track in the Crous and Pouret à la Foux sector and the Combe Lacroix track in the Seignus.

“We are fortunate to have the presence of Maël Ollivier, which offers freeride experiences and discovery excursions. There have been excellent comments on this topic. The next freeride experiences will take place on February 29 and March 1 and the next discovery walk in the Escapade will take place on February 29 from 5.30 p.m. Maël supports the participants in their ascent or descent in freeride. He gives advice on freeride skiers and safety”, says Gérard Bracali, director of the ski areas of Val d´Allos.

Avalanche Dog

To introduce visitors to safety, what could be more fun than practicing it with a dog specialized in avalanche? The ski areas have created a new experience in this area: the Avalanche Dog.

This experience allows participants to experience a search for avalanches more real than life, understand the safety problems of freeride practice and discover the bottom of the work history of both a trainer and a lifeguard.

Presentation of the #VigilanceMontagne system to sensitize the general public.