Peyragudes is one of the largest ski areas in the Pyrenees, a station with many activities, fully equipped, modern and ideal for families

This station is dedicated to snow and well-being, paying special attention to families. In 2016, Peyragudes won the prestigious Famille Club seal of quality, being the fourth station in the Pyrenees to obtain this award for families and children. Peyragudes is a family resort, where everyone, whatever their level, can enjoy the snow.

Specialized tracks for children

The youngest ski enthusiasts can learn at their own pace on special tracks for beginners, overflowing with attractive modules. One of best qualities of the two children’s courts is the large amount of leisure promoted by their monitors. The tracks of Barbioules and Grande Traverse give life to the animated characters of Gulli, the favourite French chain of children’s programs.

In Peyragudes, for children to enjoy their stay is essential. That is why many animations are made for them and special care is taken to ensure that they always do sports supervised by their monitors.

For children, everything is an option, from outdoor playgrounds to sled tracks or mats.

Parks and specialized circuits, a new bet for the whole family

Another of Peyragudes’ newest bets are specialized parks for different modalities.

One of them is the Family Park. This station has been providing spaces for freestyle for almost 5 years to encourage this fun sport. At 2,000 meters altitude, the Family Park is equipped with four routes. One of these tours is ideal for families to enjoy, as it is adapted for children who wish to learn Slopestyle. These tracks have a restaurant just for them, so parents can enjoy the cuisine of the station while their children have a great time on the slopes.

For those a little more experienced the snowpark La flamme is a sure hit. It has 300-meter descents full of obstacles such as jumps, modules, rails or tables. The biggest fans of adrenaline will see their needs met. La Flamme is, by far, a great favorite of teenagers.

There is also an area of ​​Slalom that is being permanently filmed and timed. The skier’s ski pass is automatically detected on the way out and when you get off, you can obtain both the recording of the descent and the timed time. Ideal for those with a competing spirit.

To do a family activity, one of the best options is undoubtedly the Funslope. This circuit with skis is very fun and is aimed at all audiences, regardless of their level. Funslope has an exciting tour full of jumps, turns, tunnels and rails while still being a safe descent for all ages.

All these options are adapted to family models: with young children, with teenagers, with adult and small children … so that no one is left wanting to have fun.

Peyragudes – The best deals for families

In Peyragudes many offers are made for stays and ski passes thinking about families. There are discount packages for families, thanks to which the whole family can ski the whole day with the half-day pass.

Both accommodation and restaurants are adapted for families, both in the sense of the service offered and its wide range of special prices.