Snow: 100% of the slopes in Vallnord – Pal Arinsal are open. La Massana station guarantees the total opening of all its facilities and encourages customers to enjoy the varied offer of the station. For Valentine’s Day, Vallnord – Pal Arinsal proposes the High Mountain dinners available both in the Pla de la Cot, in the Coll de la Botella or Xalet Igloo.

Vallnord – Pal Arinsal continues to meet its goal set at the beginning of the season. This weekend also guarantees an opening of 100% of its tracks, ski lifts and in general all its facilities as it has been doing so far. In total, there will be available to customers 47 tracks, 27 to Pal and 19 in Arinsal, as well as 31 lifts. Currently, skiers can enjoy a thickness of snow ranging from 130 cm at low elevation and 180 cm at high altitude. Also, for those who want to change the sector, you can do so thanks to the cable car that connects the sector of Pal with Arinsal. To access the station, customers can also use the Massana or Arinsal Chairlift.

As for the La Capa track, the longest and most uneven black track of the station of up to 1000 meters, it will be available as well as the Snowpark, located in the Arinsal sector, which is now fully available again with the 3 levels since last week.

Enjoy the snow in an alternative way in Pal-Arinsal

For those people who prefer to enjoy the snow in a different way, Vallnord – Pal Arinsal will continue to have all the Mountain Ski circuits available, a total of 7, as well as snowshoeing.

For all those who wish to complement their snow experience or have fun with friends and family, Vallnord – Pal Arinsal offers a total of 12 alternative activities. The big favorites this year like Snowtrike or Buggies excursions are a great way to enjoy a different group.

The station makes a great bet in terms of gastronomy, with the aim of continuing to offer a wide variety in this area for all customers. In total, up to 13 restaurants will be available during the weekend with a great variety: from sandwiches and hamburgers, to more elaborate menus or dishes à la carte.

Weekend with Reus Vermouth tasting

Throughout the weekend the “Vermouth de Reus” can be found in the Pal sector, at the foot of the Planell slopes. In these facilities a promotional zone has been established in the rest area of ​​skiers with a tasting area of ​​Vermouth de Reus between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm on February 15 and 16.

A unique opportunity to mix gastronomy, tastings and snow in Vallnord – Pal Arinsal.

Valentine’s Day with high mountain dinners

The night gastronomy is already a classic in Vallnord – Pal Arinsal. High Mountain dinners are a great option for many customers and this weekend three restaurants of the station will be available to enjoy a dinner on the slopes.

The Pla de la Cot, which can be accessed by climbing, skiing or walking thanks to the lighting of the Serra road has typical menu options such as cheese fondue and baked meat among others.

The Coll de la Botella is the second option available for those who also want to enjoy grilled meat or quality rice. Finally, Xalet Igloo in the Arinsal sector allows you to climb with retrack and enjoy a menu very similar to the one in Pla de la Cot.

The fastest option to avoid queues

Being these days part of one of the most visited seasons, Vallnord – Pal Arinsal recommends to all customers avoiding the queues in the collection of ski passes. The online purchase has many benefits for customers, since all reservations made more than 48 hours in advance can have a 15% discount on their day pass and reservations 24 hours in advance, 10% off.

The receipt given to the skier by email, may be included 24 hours a day in one of the ski vending machines located at the accesses of the station and thus save a lot of time. In total, the station has 7 ski pass machines.