The complete offer that Saint-Lary has for children is perfect for the whole family to enjoy

Saint-Lary is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the French Pyrenees. This station is the first of the French Pyrenees to have more than 100 kilometers of slopes and a skiable domain of no less than 700 hectares. Its three sectors ensure the skier not only tracks of exciting travel, also views difficult to ignore. To all this, there is also one of the most reputed snowparks in the Pyrenees and easy access from the village thanks to a cableway.

Although all this sounds very tempting, the parents of young children usually think first if their children will be at ease on open slopes. What will they do while the elders are skiing on the difficult tracks?

In Saint-Lary everything is designed for children to learn to ski while having fun in a safe way and for their parents to be able to go skiing on the slopes knowing that their children are having a good time in the best hands.

Learning spaces for all age ranges

To lose your fear of skiing there is nothing better than learning the necessary techniques in a safe and fun space. Therefore, in Saint-Lary they have prepared three spaces equipped for children to have their first contact with skiing in a gentle way to familiarize themselves with both the equipment and the sport.

Learning space in Saint-Lary
Learning space in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary

The first of these spaces is called “Bear Academy”. For those parents concerned because their children are still very young, this is the ideal place for them to take their first steps in the world of skiing.

This circuit is designed for children between 18 months and 7 years old. Being a reserved space exclusively, this age range considers all the needs of these children and is a much safer place as it is not shared with older children.

In this small circuit you learn to ski, but you can also take the opportunity to start snowboarding. The snowboard club of Saint-Lary offers free introductory classes in a space dedicated exclusively for it.

Then there is the “Patou Park”, a circuit designed for children between 6 and 12 years. For 600 meters they can enjoy a space full of woops, turns and other thematic snow modules. This space is ideal for action lovers.

Finally, there’s the “Kid Park”, a space reserved also for children between 6 and 12 years. This park is more designed for the improvement and progress of those children who already have some knowledge, even if it is minimal, of skiing. This fun circuit has many obstacles, woops, jumps and entertainment. In addition, a tape allows them to easily return to continue enjoying the park. A perfect space for the most expert little ones.

Learning space in Saint-Lary
Learning space in Saint-Lary. Source: Saint-Lary

Offers for the whole family

In order to enjoy these activities and many others, the Saint-Lary station has created offers to help families spend time in the snow without incurring a large outlay.

There is the possibility of acquiring a family ski pass that has the advantage that the whole family will access at the children’s price. This formula allows the reduced price both per day and per week.

This offer includes an adult and between 2 and 5 children or two adults accompanied by between 1 and 4 children. Unlike in other stations, when purchasing a ski pass, children between 5 and 17 years old are considered children.

A station and offers not to be missed!