February 14 is just around the corner and there is nothing better than enjoying that day making plans with your partner and exchanging gifts. Today we bring you a series of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day related to snow and skiing with which you will fall in love with your better half.

1- Enjoy a romantic getaway to the snow together

Surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day with a romantic weekend in the snow. Find a cosy and charming hotel, book a table in a fancy restaurant to enjoy a good lunch and dinner, and of course, enjoy the ski slopes throughout the day.

With this idea you can spend a romantic day with your partner without neglecting your passion for this winter sport.

2- Make sure that your partner is ready to the après ski

Any lover of skiing knows that after spending long hours on the slopes is inevitable to enjoy the après ski time.

If you are looking for a gift idea for women, we recommend an I Love Ski’ sweatch shirt which she will be protected and comfortable throughout the afternoon.

If, however, you are looking for gift ideas for men, in this case, we recommend you a tee-shirt by I Love Ski.


3- The perfect gitf for nature and animal lovers

If your partner is in love with snowy mountains and animals, we bring the perfect gift, a combination of both. On Valentine’s Day, surprise her/him with a Mushing Day, an activity in which she/he will ride a dog-driven sled. While practicing Mushing you can enjoy together the best mountain landscapes.

4- A personal smell on the ski slopes

When we use a perfume, we can relate a smell with family, romantic and emotional experiences. The smell of your colony goes with you in your day to day wherever you go, and of course, it was not going to be less on the ski slopes.

If you want your partner to stand out in the snow for its wonderful smell, we bring you a series of perfect colonies for colder temperatures.

As a gift for women, we recommend Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. An intense perfume, great for the winter and autumn months thanks to its smell.

As for the perfect fragrance for men it could be Bleu de Chanel. An elegant and simple cologne that will make him stand out thanks to its magnificent smell. This perfume is ideal for snow since it adapts to cold weather and enhances its aroma.

Remember that perfume is something very personal, so before choosing a fragrance, you must be sure that it is the right smell for your partner.

perfume gift

5- Give a practical and hand-made present

There are few things more annoying than when you are on the ski slopes than having and your head is frozen. If you want to avoid that your partner to end up with cold head while enjoying the snow and skiing, do not hesitate and gift this head band from I Love Ski.

cinta esquí

6- The perfect gift to spend the whole day skiing

If something is obvious is that when we go skiing, we want to spend as much time as possible on the slopes. With these hermetic and safe containers to transport, food, protein, snacks … you will be gifting your partner the possibility of enjoying their time to the fullers while there are on the slopes. They will be able to avoid leaving the slopes to eat something since these containers will fit smoothly in their backpack.

gift Valentine's Day

After reading these gift ideas, do you know now how are you going to surprise your partner for Valentine’s Day?