Altiservice proposes to try snowtubing, a fun sport that can be practiced in its stations and for which you do not need to have previous experience

Although there is nothing better for a snow lover than skiing, the variety in the stations is something to be appreciated. New options appear original and fun for the enjoyment of both the most expert and those who are still learning.

Within the latter, it is often difficult for them to find activities for those who are still starting, especially if they are already adults.

So that nobody is left without satisfying this need, Altiservice has equipped its stations of Saint-Lary and Font Romeu with snowtubing circuits, an activity with guaranteed fun.

What is snowtubing?

Snowtubing is a practice that involves sliding down a descending track on an inflatable float. It is similar in concept to a sled descent, but it acquires more speed and is also more comfortable. The sensation is very similar to the one obtained from rafting since a lot of speed is acquired as a result of the minimal friction.

It is done on a previously marked route and that is why it is so safe. Because of its limits everyone can do it in the appropriate circuits for each age, for both adults and children.

It is an original way for those who want variety or do not want to ski to have an entertaining stay at the ski resorts.


Tips for a first time doing snowtubing

Snowtubing is an ideal practice for all snow lovers since it does not require any previous knowledge. However, knowing some things in advance will make the experience much more enjoyable.

Although snowtubing is a very safe sport, it doesn’t hurt anyone to take some precautions. Generally, in the snowtubing circuits the walls are quite high, but you must be careful when approaching them to avoid unwanted turns.

Although this is part of the fun, do not forget that floats lack brakes. Therefore, it is important to acquire the speed with which each one feels most comfortable since after regulating the speed will be practically impossible to reduce it. It is best to go slowly on the first lap to familiarize yourself with the circuit and get an idea of ​​the ideal speed for each one. Once you are comfortable, the fun has just begun.

It is important to always follow the instructors of those responsible for the track to avoid inconveniences such as matching two floats in the same lane at the same time. Following the directions of the instructors there will be no obstacle to enjoy the experience calmly.

What should I wear to snowtubing?

The necessary clothing is the same as for most winter sports. It is recommended to wear warm and breathable clothes but not made of cotton. The best will always be specialized clothing for snow to avoid getting wet while descending. Keep in mind that the less heavy the clothes used will be more comfortable if you had to climb a slope to reach the exit of the floats. Generally, ski footwear is prohibited on the slopes for safety reasons, so be sure to bring other appropriate footwear for this practice and that it is not heated with snow.

Although it is a very safe experience it never hurts to wear a helmet, especially children, since there is always the risk of falling, no matter how small. Helmets are provided on most tracks.

Snowtubing, a practice adored by children

Adults can be great lovers of this practice, but they will never be as much as children. Since many children still hadn’t mastered skiing, snowtubing gives them the opportunity to unload adrenaline without any knowledge. The speed that is acquired thanks to snowtubing will delight the most adventurous children. Being a safe experience parents can be calm; the circuits are made with people of different ages in mind to have fun without putting the children in danger.

Altiservice has provided both the Font Romeu station and Saint-Lary with snowtubing circuits. They are made to have an original practice for the whole family where it is not necessary to have any experience to take advantage of the stay at the station.

For those who think ski resorts are predictable, Altiservice energizes its stations with this fun practice for the whole family.