When we are planning to go to the snow, what we want is to enjoy the experience while being comfortable and protected. If it is the first time that you ski and do not want to make a great investment or if you are simply looking for some cheaper clothes, we are going to show you a series of items that may interest you. Keep reading and get dressed to go skiing for less than 200 euros with this skiing clothing.

Ski clothing: get dressed with perfect shirts

From Lidl they offer us a couple of options of ski shirts at an economical price and with very good quality.

On one hand, we can find this long-sleeved ski shirt for €9,99. With this shirt forget about problems due to lack of breathability. In addition, thanks to the technical fibre used in this shirt, they achieve a fast drying and a great humidity regulation.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an undershirt, made of technical and thermal yarn, you can find it in Lidl for €12.99. In addition to that, this garment has also an interwoven ventilation that allows your body to breathe even better and will provide you with incredible comfort and breathability.

camisetas manga larga

You cannot only find cheap products in Lidl. At Decathlon, you will be able to find Wed’ze, the skiing clothing brand for men and women that is ideal for going to the mountains. For only €4.99, you will have a thermal ski shirt for skiers looking for a warm, comfortable and stretchable garment.

camiseta barata

Thermal and ski pants at a good price

When you go skiing, you expose yourself to very low temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to use thermal inner pants to regulate your temperature in addition to your ski pants. The first layer of pants must be thermal.

For €12.99, you can get a thermal ski inner pants thanks to Lidl. It’s a seamless design with reinforcement protections that will provide you with great mobility and will make you forget about possible chafing. It is manufactured with synthetic materials, so it has a great capacity to absorb moisture and expel it outside. This way, your skin will be dry and protected from the cold.

pantalón largo térmico colores mujer

Wed’ze has developed a soft and comfortable ski thermal pants perfect for you if you ski in low intensity. You can find this pant for € 4.99. A big difference with the previous one is that it has an interior seams that can sometimes be somewhat uncomfortable. Your best option would be to try them and find the perfect one for you!

pantalón térmico wed'ze negro mujer

Once the thermal pants have been chosen, it is the turn of the ski pants. When talking about skiing clothing, Wed’ze (by Decathlon) offers warm and waterproof pants that will be your best option in the slopes. The price of these pants is €15.99 and will keep you comfortable and protected throughout the day.

pantalones esquí baratos wed'ze

If cross country skiing is your thing, INOVIK brings you the perfect pants just for €23.99. With these pants, you will be able to practice cross-country skiing at medium intensity and in cold weather. It fits perfectly with your body, is extensible and will give you freedom of movement. Therefore, it is available in two colors and we have to say that we plum color tights are our favorite ones!

In order to give some more possibilities, we are going to show you two more different models manufactured by Crivit (Lidl).

First, you can find ski pants for €19.99. Waterproof and breathable pants that have a width regulator at the waist. At the bottom is a hidden zipper to facilitate the placement of ski boots. You will find it in three colors so you can choose the one you like the most!

pantalón esquí crivit mujer barato

Second, here there are Crivit Pro ski and snow pants. They have an ecological treatment given by BeSoDry with which they make the garment completely waterproof. The bottom of the pants has zippers. The price of this product is €39.99.

Skiing clothing: inner and outer jackets

As we spend hours exposed to the cold of the mountains, our body can begin to lose body temperature. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to get a fleece jacket under the outer jacket. This way you will be warmer.

With an investment of only €8, you can get a warm and soft fleece jacket that will help you to stay warm while skiing as it is the sales season.

chaqueta polar cálida mujer Lidl

When it comes the time to choose the outer jacket, we have to keep in mind that it must provide us protection against cold, humidity and wind. It also must be comfortable and flexible so we can move without difficulties.

We love outer jackets of Crivit!They offer warmth, comfort and breathability so that you can enjoy your descents in a comfortably way. Its fabric is breathable, windproof and waterproof since its seams are sealed. In addition, it has a raised neck, a detachable hood and the BIONIC-FINISH treatment with which it can repel water. If it has convinced you, it can be yours for €24.99.

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Is this your first-time skiing? Choose good quality, comfortable and at the same time affordable when buying your skiing clothing. That is our biggest advice for you! For less than 30 euros, Decathlon has the perfect jacket for you. For €24.99, you will have a quality and comfortable jacket. This jacket will provide you with superb protection against the outside weather, so you can enjoy the snow.

chaqueta decathlon color crema barata mujer

Don’t forget accesories when choosing your skiing clothing

Another important point that we should not forget are the accessories. They are a very important point within women’s sportswear to go skiing and the ones we choose must be of good quality, comfortable and provide us with incredible warmth.

Get ski socks for less than €6

You should not forget that one of the parts where our body loses temperature quickly is the feet. Therefore, we present two models of socks with which you will be able to keep them warm in addition to achieving extra comfort while having the boots on. In addition to this, we want to remember you this post in which we were talking about warm socks and how to choose them when go skiing.

Wed’ze 100 adults will give you warmth and comfort. The sole of the socks is made of wool, so it will absorb moisture and sweat without problems and keep the foot dry. Its price is €5.99.

calcetines wed'ze

For €4.99, we are going to be able to find specific socks for women for skiing in Lidl. Its material is elastic, so it adapts to the contour of the leg without too much tightening. In addition to that, its sole is SmartStep so the areas where you put more weight will be more protected. The material with which they are manufactured is synthetic, so they are also perfect for absorbing sweat and moisture.

Woolen caps for the coldest days

This Wed’ze woolen cap is the simplest in its range. It is an incredibly thin, soft and very warm hat thanks to the fleece fiber. What we like the most is its price: €1.49. It is also very practical and easy to care for.

gorro fino wed'ze

This Wed’ze snow and ski woolen cap will protect you on very cold days in the mountains. It is one size, is available in various colors and is only worth €11.99.

gorro lana wed'ze

Gloves to keep your hands warm and protected

There are as many types of gloves as we can imagine. Today we bring you two options that we also love, and they are on sale in Decathlon.

These Wed’ze gloves are available in three colors: black, midnight blue and purple. Its price is, normally, €12.99. However, now you can find them with a 38% discount, remaining at only €7.99. Run and take advantage of the offer!

guantes wed'ze baratos

These Wed’ze piste ski gloves are incredibly thin and waterproof. Besides, they include a membrane for waterproofing. They have been conceived for more occasional skiers (so if this is your first time they are perfect for you), and they are suitable for milder temperatures. For example, they are great if you choose to go skiing in the spring. You will find these gloves at Decathlon for only €8.99!

guantes wed'ze baratos finos

Now you know where to get cheap skiing clothing, so you know, go and get dressed for skiing for less than 200 euros and enjoy the snow this winter.