This 2019-2020 ski season started particularly well for the Gavarnie ski resort in the Hautes-Pyrénées. After a grand opening on December 21, 2019, they got very good results in the Christmas holidays. The sun accompanied the skiers during those two weeks of vacation, and there was enough snow to receive everyone.

And, above all, there were excellent opinions from customers about the quality of snow and the quality of cleanliness.

An early opening that made the whole valley shine again, especially since the ski resort had been closed last winter during the Christmas holidays.


Gavarnie – 80 cm of snow after the visit of the Gloria storm

The month of January 2020 is not over yet. In the last days, heavy snowfall has been recorded at many ski resorts in the Pyrenees, including Gavarnie.

Last week, the UNESCO ski resort recorded a significant accumulation of snow in its domain, especially above 1800 meters:

  • 50 cm of new snow at the foot of the slopes
  • 80 cm of new snow on the top of the slopes

Important amounts of snow that have been possible as a result of the Gloria storm and that predict a very good forecast for the February holidays, which are quickly approaching.


This Sunday, January 26, the station had returned to “normal” operating conditions after heavy snow accumulations, as certain actions were necessary to go back to a state of total safety at the ski resort.

The sun should shine again at the beginning of the week, before new snow falls again that will drive fans of powder skiing crazy.

More than 2 meters of snow in the highest part of the domain.

To date, the Gavarnie station has snow levels worthy of a very good winter, with 100 cm at the bottom of the domain and 200 cm at the top of the domain.

And for the next few weeks, Gavarnie’s resort has organized an entertainment program that will delight all tourists:

  • On Sunday, February 9, a DJ will be the guest of the ski resort. Come and enjoy a musical moment on the terrace that is between two slopes!
  • Sunday February 16 is Big Air Fly! You can fly through the air and sink into a giant air bag of 15 * 11 m in the company of a DJ.
  • Carnival (February 25), The station will feature a make-up artist, a wizard clown, and a balloon sculptor. We are sure you will have a great time!
  • Sunday, March 1, laughs for everyone! We will dedicate a slope for madness descents, where there will be buoys, animals and inflatable boats! And all this along with good music.
  • On Saturday, March 14, go to something spectacular! The Quiksilver challenge will bring even more speed to the slopes of Gavarnie-Gèdre.
  • On Sunday, March 15, the last day of the season, enjoy the best Toy Music concert at the station!
Gavarnie – conditions idéales après le passage de la tempête Gloria