The Métabief ski station, near the Swiss frontier in the French department of Jura, released its new loyalty program, specially designed for the public who wants to benefit from preferential prices and exclusive offers

For a dozen years, the skiers’ buying behaviour has been evolving drastically. The skiers are becoming increasingly more informed consumers, who compare prices and products, who seek the best buying plan, who regularly consult customer opinions and adopt a more critical behaviour with the stations and their offers.

A great diversification and multiplication of forfaits and offers has made of the skiers a more volatile consumer: they’ve made themselves the owners of their own buying desires and needs.

Therefore, the Métabief station has developed for this winter a genuine loyalty program to reward the skiers, keep them, make them want to come back and attract new clients.

Through this new program, Métabief wishes to create a stronger relationship with their clients and reward their connection with the station. The emotional bond between the station and the skier is very powerful. Many of the people who learned how to ski in their tracks enjoy returning with a great sense of belonging.

A reduced-price subscription

The loyalty program is aimed to all customers who ski between two and eight days during the winter season.

For this launch season, the prize for the loyalty card is 10€, instead of 20€, for children and seniors; and 15€, instead of 20€, for the adults.

This membership allows access to all the advantages of the program and the “Méta Important Person” card.

Access to the following permanent reductions during all the season, as well as exclusive promotional days would be granted for the carrier of the loyalty card.

During all the season: 10% off the one-day forfait.

Discounts between the 3rd and 6th ski day: 50% off the one-day forfait.

Last opening day: Free for the carrier of the loyalty card.

Best price is guaranteed: If the price in the ticket office happens to be lower than the originally published during the days chosen by the skier, for example due to bad weather, the rate applied will adjust automatically to the terms listed above.

The Métabief loyalty program is made for the modern world

To make the access to this new program easier, the Métabief station uses the new selling methods of this century like their website and their social media.

Regarding the “Méta Important Person”, it wouldn’t be necessary to go to the ticket office first or purchase a forfait. One can go directly to ski or to the mechanical lifts without any worries.

Conveniently, the final price for skied days is charged directly through the bank account. The first payment is charged when the subscription is made, and the rest of it once a week according to use.

The Métabief loyalty program is accompanied by a brand-new concept of limited expenses: once the skier reaches 18 days of skiing, the remaining ones are free of charge.

In this manner, the station rewards the most passionate skiers while helping them keep track of their expenses and control their budget.

Rate details

Season 19-20
during all season
between th 3rd and 6th ski day
Children- Seniors 10€
instead of 20€
instead of 23,50€
instead of 23,50€
Adults 15€
instead of 25€
instead of 27,50€
instead of 27,50€


To purchase a loyalty card “Méta Important Person”, click here