We are in January and that means we are in the month of sales. Thousands of people take the streets to take advantage of discounts on all kinds of things, and of course, ski clothing creators were not going to be less.

If you want to take advantage of the sales in order to renew your ski attire on the slopes, today we bring you the best sales of Roxy, Quiksilver, El Corte Inglés and Barrabes in jackets, pants and thermal clothing. Brands that make discounts of up to 70%.

Sales in ski jackets

One of the clothes that protects us the most from the cold when we go skiing is undoubtedly the jacket. Therefore, today we bring you the brands that have made the biggest discounts in those clothes so you can be comfortable and protected at the best price.

El Corte Inglés offer us a great variety of jackets of different brands such as this model for women of the Mountain PRO brand. It has a waterproof membrane, works as a windbreaker and is breathable so you can enjoy skiing regardless of the weather conditions. The jacket has a 50% discount and its final price is  44.95€.

Still going on with el Corte Inglés, the men’s section also offers fantastic discounts such as this Tijuana brand jacket that will keep you warm and protected from the most extreme weather conditions. This garment is sold with a 50% discount and you can buy it for only 29.95€.

At Barrabes they are not far behind with their sales on ski clothing. With a 50% discount you can find a jacket for women designed by 8848 Altitude. It has sealed seams, inner fibre padding and is waterproof, windproof and breathable, among other features. The price after the sales is 107.50€.


If you are looking for the best protection while you are on the slopes, Campagnol has for you a warm and ideal design for men so will be protected in the snow on the coldest days. This model is waterproof and breathable, so you will be dry and comfortable throughout the day. You can buy it at the Barrabes sales with a 45% discount and a final price of 103.74€.

ski clothes

In Quiksilver sales, we find a waterproof jacket with recycled fabric that will keep you isolated and protected from the cold when you are surrounded by snow. It has a 30% discount and its final price is € 188.99.

ropa esquiar

And in the women’s section of Quiksilver, which has its own brand, we find the Roxy sales, where you can get a snowboard or ski jacket with sealed seams, ultralight and with a high level of waterproof reduced a 50%. The final price of the jacket after the discount is € 175.

snow jacket

And in Deportes Moya, you can find a wide variety of clothes like this jacket for men of the North Face brand. This product has a soft and pleasant touch and is waterproof, which makes it ideal for the snow. In addition, the DryVent technology that it has, will get off the sweat so your body will be dry throughout the day. The price of this jacket is 136€ and has a 20% discount.

chaqueta esquí

Also, in Deportes Moya sales, but this time in its women’s section, there is a jacket of the Regatta brand. The fabric of this jacket is elastic and fully breathable. It has a great capacity to repel water and has wool on the inside, which provides extra warmth. Its discount is 30% and the final price of 69.97€.

snow jacket sales


If the jacket was important to protect us from the cold and moisture in our upper body, the snow pants will be your best ally to keep your legs warm and dry.

With discounts of up to 50% Barrabes offers a wide variety of ski pants brands, both for men and women.

An example are these Campagnolo brand men’s pants designed for skiing and snowboarding. They have a great impermeability and breathability that will give you total protection. With these pants you will be protected against the most adverse weather. With a 50% discount, the final price is 89.50€.

ski pants sales


In the women’s section, you can find the CMP brand Ski Twill pants that are perfect if you practice this sport. They have the ClimaProtect technology, so they are waterproof and have high breathability. You can buy these pants with a 44% discount in Barrabes for only 51.80€.

In Roxi you can find waterproof, polyester and high waisted pants that will be perfect in order to enjoy the slopes in a really comfortable way. These pants are reduced to 30% and you can find it in Roxy stores or on its website for 104.99€.

snow pants discounts

From Roxy’s, we have Quiksilver . This brand offers pants very similar to his brand mate. They have a high level of impermeability, sealed seams and are made of polyester, so they have a good breathability. The discount in this model is also 30% and its price is 90.99€.

sales pants

Sports Moya takes advantage of the sales to put at your fingertips their best pants. With a discount of 43.45% and a final price of 65€, you can find a Dare 2b brand trousers made of stretch fabric and with waist adjusters. These pants have sealed seams which makes them water resistant.

In the men’s section of Moya Sports, and in this case, the same brand, you will find the perfect pants for skiing. It has an elastic and padded fabric that will give you comfort, so you can ski all day comfortably. In addition, its fabric is waterproof and breathable so you will end up completely dry. Its price is 59€ after a 30.55% discount.

And last but not least, in el Corte Inglés, reduced a 50% and with a price of 39.95€, you can get ski pants of the Mountain PRO brand. This model has removable straps, zippered pockets and is designed to keep you dry and warm while you slide down the slopes.

If you are a fan of ski pants with suspenders, you cannot miss this discount of el Corte Inglés. Reduced a 50% and for only € 24.95 you will have Tijuana trousers for men, with suspenders, multiple pockets and perfects to keep you warm.

Thermal vests

Thermal shirts are the ones that are going to keep your body temperature. If you are looking for t-shirts of good quality and at a good price, take advantage of the sales and buy them now.

The Columbia brand presents a thermal t-shirt for men, made with absorbent and elastic fabric so that you are comfortable and at an ideal temperature regardless of the weather outside. Its price in el Corte Inglés is 24.95€ and is reduced a 50%.

In the sales of el Corte Inglés, but now in the women’s section and manufactured by Mountain PRO, you will find an ideal first layer for skiing. It has a great thermal quality, it is elastic and light. After a 50% discount its price remains at 12.45€.

If you are looking for a warm, breathable and pleasant garment ideal for winter sports such as skiing, the Scott brand has the perfect garment for you. You can find it reduced aen 40% in Barrabes. Its final price is 32.79€.


And for men, the Salomon brand has for you a lightweight pullover with great perspiration and control of body moisture. It is a warm and elastic garment with which you will get great freedom of movement and is ideal for skiing. It has a 45% discount and the final price is 32.83€.

pullover sales

These are just some of the many items that you can find in these stores while there are on sales. Do not miss the opportunity to get high quality ski clothes at an unbeatable price.