When we think about our experience on the slopes, we relate it to fun, adrenaline and a magnificent experience. There is no better way to transmit those feelings to your home than decorating both the interior and exterior with your old skis. Read on and find out how to give your skis a second use.

Next, we are going to give you a series of ideas with which you will get an incredible and amazing decoration. Using skis to decorate is quite unusual. Surprise your visitors creating a unique and original environment reusing skis.

Give a special touch to your walls

The skis are an ideal element to use as ornaments on the wall. There is nothing more characteristic than a snowflake when we think of winter. So, just using your old skis and being a little skilled, you can get an original wall decoration. It will give your house a perfect winter touch for this time of the year.

reuse skis                        If what you are looking for is a more minimalist style, we have the perfect idea for you. Using a ski, you will always have in mind the mountains. If you choose wooden skis, you will give your new decoration a rustic touch that will take you immediately to the ski slopes.

second use skis
Image: Ski ornament on the wall

Who doesn’t like having photos at home? When we look at our photos, we transport ourselves to the place where they were taken. So, if you want to go back to those fantastic days in the snow, there is no better idea than to frame them using skis. With just a couple of skis and horizontal strips, you can have the perfect frames for your photos.

reutilizar esquís

Surprise your guest with an original bottle holder made with skis

No one said that decoration and practicality were something completely impossible to put together. With this decorative and useful element made with skis you will give a fun touch to your kitchen or living room. Enjoy a good wine without neglecting your passion for this winter sport.


Sweet and cold dreams with your old skis

Another possible second use you can give to your skis is to use them as a headboard for the bed. If you are a passionate person of this snow sport, you probably want to have it present in your day to day. So, with this idea of ​​decoration you will have the ski always on your live.

Get a headboard with a rustic touch using vintage skis. By placing a ski on each side of the bed and putting them together with natural wood, you will give the room an ideal hilly touch.


If, on the other hand, you want a more youthful and colourful decoration, you should use the most modern skis. Placing them in an arch form you will have a headboard that will drive the little ones in the house crazy.

second life skis

Don’t forget to decorate the outside parts of your house

They say the first impression is the most important. When we extrapolate this saying to our house, the first impression that our visits will have will be our garden. For this reason, we are here to give you a series of ideas for the exterior of your home that will leave you and they impressed.

If you want to make it clear that whoever lives in your house is a totally passionate family of the ski, this decoration is ideal for you. Adding the numbers of your door to a ski, you will have a simple and original way to declare your love for this sport.


There is nothing better than a good meal with friends. It can only be improved if you have a spectacular table. Interposing wooden slats with your old skis you will have a table where you can gather with your friends and enjoy the food and the conversation. And of course, a good wine that will be waiting for you in your bottle holder made with skis.

mesa con esquís

And if we talk about tables, we, obviously, cannot forget about the chairs. In today’s article we propose two different models.

On one hand, we have a chair made almost entirely of skis. If you have a lot of old equipment, this may be the perfect idea for you, since you will have found them a perfect use.

silla madera

However, if you don’t have so much ski equipment, we suggest you build a bank with them. This way, both, you and your guests can be comfortable at the table.

banco madera

Unfortunately, skiing is a seasonal sport. In order not to lose contact with it during the hot months, we present you a sunbed where you can enjoy the sun’s rays while you wait patiently for the snow season to come back.


These are just some of the many options with which you can decorate your house reusing your old equipment. Just give a second use to your skis. We love them. What about you, are you going to decorate your house with any of these options?