Vallnord-Pal Arinsal station starts a promising winter season with more than 12.000 visitors and an 89% of the slopes open

Pal Arinsal begins the season with a magnificent opening. This is a great improvement after the complicated weather of the last season, by this time only 54% of the tracks had been opened with only 3,300 customers daily.

Seems like this year mother nature is working hand in hand with Vallnord-Pal Arinsal, allowing great results for the start of the season the 30th of November.

Just during the first opened weekend more than 12.000 visitors came to enjoy a station with almost all the slopes opened and a 97% of the lifts available.

The weather conditions of the start of the season were more than suitable. The temperatures were kind enough and the snow reached 30 centimetres at the lowest point of the station and 60 centimetres at the highest with powder snow.

Views in Pal Arinsal
Views in Pal Arinsal. Source: Pal Arinsal station

An opening exceeding previous ones

The 2019-2020 started the 30th of November and a promising start was more than obvious from the beginning. Not only was the planned opening day accomplished, but it was done with 89% of the slopes and 97% of the ski lifts available to visitors. The season is expected to continue until April 13 with very favourable forecasts.

The opening of Vallnord-Pal Arinsal took place with all the section of the station connected and the Marradas slope opened. This is the lowest slope of all, because it joins the higher sections with Arinsal town, at 1.500 meters high. Thank to new investments at the beginning of the season it is expected to guarantee the use of this slope all season.

More than 90% of activities available

This new season started strongly with 92% of all activities opened to the public. Tourist were able to enjoy the alpine slopes as well as the nordic ones and the snowshoeing circuit. Also, the sleigh circuits, the big zip, the buggies or the new snow scooters.

Skiers in Pal Arinsal
Skiers in Pal Arinsal. Source: Pal Arinsal Station

One of the most awaited opening is, as always, the snowpark. During the first weekend the first two levels were available. The first one is for the beginners, with five boxes between four and six meters tall, as well as three mini jumps. For those more advanced the intermediate level was also opened, with 14 modules between boxes, railings and jumps, two of which six meters tall. The advanced level, highly valued by experts due to its quality, hasn’t been opened to the public yet, but it will be ready for Christmas.

The station is aware of the great rise of walking tourist focused on the 10 restaurants, being the dinners in high mountain the most picked form during this season so far.

A season of amazing offers

With Christmas in mind, it is believed that thanks to the upcoming rain 100% of the installations will be available.

All 46 slopes, as well as 30 ski lifts since the weekend before the Christmas vacation. The increase of the rain in December will provide the snow a thickness between 70 and 100 centimetres.

During the Christmas vacations all the activities will be available, including the advanced level in the snow park and the 13 restaurants. The specialty of the station this Christmas is the nocturnal gastronomic experiences, such as the observation of the Full Moon on December 26 on the occasion of the day of San Esteve.

To enjoy these festivities in the station, during the vacations the children will have meeting with Santa Claus and the royal page of the Three Wise Men.

Vallnord-Pal Arinsal offers ski passes for non-consecutive days, so the skier can choose the days during the season. Also, the ski pass can be used by different people every time. For those making online reservations with more than 48 hours in advance a 15% discount will be provided in the daily ski pass.

The end of the season is planned the 13th of April. The end of this season, which would add up to 136 days, will end like every year with the last day of opening free of charge.

With this wide offer, unforgettable holidays are guaranteed at Pal Arinsal.