One of the best ways to spend Christmas is enjoying the snow with your family. If we also spend these important days in a cosy mountain lodge close to the slopes, it becomes an unbeatable plan. Today we are here to tell you how you can get a mountain atmosphere in your home in a simple way. If we want to put the icing on the cake, we just have to give our cottage a rustic Christmas decoration. Let’s get fully into the spirit of these dates just with some details!

How to decorate our house with Christmas decoration

The first things the we need to know, and it is important to keep in mind is that, in order to achieve a perfect mountain decoration for the interior, it is not necessary to use ornate ornaments and accessories to provide a Christmas atmosphere to our lodge.

First, to achieve this type of decoration, we will focus on the use of natural tones. These colours are provided by the wood itself, which, together with the rest of the furniture in our cabin, we will get a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere thanks to the neutral tones of these materials. Therefore, neutral tones plus red will be the basis of our Christmas decoration.

Slices of wood

When decorating the table for dinner and special meals, we suggest you use materials that we can get in the nature. One of the latest trends in natural decoration are slices of wood. This type of rustic decoration can be used to place platters or as unique chargers.

To this idea we can apply different modifications, since, it is made of wood, it is very easy to print or paint in different ways, doing so we will get a personalized and unique touch, without neglecting the style we are looking for.

We can use this kind of decoration in more parts of the house such as in the living room. By placing the different ornaments that we have on these slices of wood, we will highlight them. Doing this, our living room will look completely different.

Flower arragements

Secondly, decorating the table with the right flower arrangements also gives it the mountain look and Christmas touch that we are looking for in our home. As it is well known, in Christmas predominates the colour red, so the Poinsettia flower could be a perfect example.


If we want to obtain a total mountain decoration for our dining table, we can opt for the use of candles. Candles give our table a sophisticated and warm touch. We can find a wide variety of candles with different shapes and colours. In this case, the best choice to approach a mountain environment will be pineapple-shaped candles or use candle holders that mimic the texture of tree logs. This way we will be able to easily integrate these elements into our table without forgetting the rustic design.

Photo: Wood candle. Source

Another very Christmas like choice would be to use red candles that have the quintessential Christmas fruit, holly, as shown in the image below.

ambiente de montaña
Image: candle with holly
Image: red candles that give a Christmas touch

Christmas decoration for napkins

For the fourth step, the napkins. We can surprise our guests and give a touch of distinction to the table simply using napkins. We can choose some plain napkins and put a decorative Christmas ornament as shown in the photos below.

Another option is to shape the napkin, for example, as a Christmas tree as shown in the following image. It is a simple and original way to decorate the table.

Image: How to fold your napkin into a Christmas tree

As we have mentioned before, it is not necessary that we use very sophisticated ornaments to get the winter touch in our house. Only using wooden details, we will be able to highlight decorative elements such as the Christmas tree, which, by being surrounded by this material, will look much greener and more natural.

Christmas tree

So, finally, speaking of Christmas trees and without forgetting the neutral tones and wood, we cannot miss the opportunity to place a wooden sled next to it to decorate our cabin in the snow. In addition to providing a Christmas touch, it is also an ideal decoration to cover it with toys and make sure that the smallest of the house do not lose their illusion for Christmas. It will be the ideal meeting place when it is finally the time to open all the gifts.

These are just some of the many ideas that you can use to decorate your home in a natural way and with mountain touches. If you follow these decorating tips you will get a cosy and relaxing atmosphere ideal to rest after a day of skiing.

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