Christmas is approaching and that means rest time, family reunions and gifts. When comes the time that we have to choose what to give, it can become a real headache if we are short on ideas. So, in today’s post we show you 7 gift ideas for snow-loving men.

Therefore, today we come to propose a series of original, fun and different ideas that will make snow, ski and snowboard lovers very happy.

1- Backpack for ski boots, the perfect gift for men skier

When we go skiing, it is important to have all our equipment well organized to be sure that we do not forget to bring something, and we also have to be able to enjoy the snow comfortably. Therefore, we propose you the backpack for carrying boots.

If you choose to gift this, you should have in mind a few features that will make it a fantastic gift. It is important that the backpack is made of nylon so that it can withstand low temperatures without any problem. In addition, it should have padded straps so that it is comfortable to transport.

On the other hand, make sure it is made to be waterproof so that everything we carry inside our backpack is not affected by the snow. It must also have exterior openings that allow ventilation so it will prevent dampness from accumulating inside.

2- Suunto 9 Baro Next-Gen Multisport GPS Watch

This watch is designed to withstand all kinds of intense situations and designed for all kind of athletes, regardless of their level. It lasts an average of 120 hours at its highest capacity.

In this device you will find a total of 80 different modalities, and 3 are created specifically for different types of skiing; Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and cross-country skiing. Using this watch you can measure your steps, the speed you are going, your heart rate and control where you are thanks to the built-in GPS.

regalo esquiador

There are so many options of smart watches. To find the right one for your practice, we have created this article with some of the cheapest smartwatches available on the market, making sure they meet the needs of skiers on the slopes.

3- Anti-slip soles to give to a skier

The use of this gift is as simple as placing it on the sole of the boots and doing so we will have a comfortable and safe way to walk on the frozen ground. By using the soles, we can reduce the risk of falls and accidents that we could previously have when stepping on the ice.

4- Un chaleco après-ski sin mangas

If you have ever gone to a snow trip, you know that it’s not just skiing or snowboarding, but these trips are made up of numerous après-ski moments with family and friends. What better gift for men skier than quality, comfortable and seasonal clothing that not only works for the mountains, but also for the city. This sleeveless vest from SkiDress brand, provides great freedom of movement and will allow you to travel light.

This sleeveless vest is 48% polyester 37% wool. Its TecnoWool system combines the natural advantages of wool with the functional properties of synthetic fibers. On the one hand, the exterior of the fabric is made of wool, on the other hand, the interior is made of polyester for an exceptional moisture management system. TecnoWool technology is “green”: high quality wool is 100% recycled, does not contain chlorine and contributes to a very low carbon footprint for a sustainable environment.

5- A reusable bottle

The Zero Waste movement is increasingly present in our society. If you want to make a special gift while taking care of the planet, a great idea is to give original and practical objects that help reduce the use of single-use plastic.

The Le Grand Tétras 1912 brand, offers reusable bottles and glasses with a vintage design that will delight lovers of beautiful objects. Designed in aluminum, these bottles are made to last over time and will accompany ski and mountain lovers during their days of outdoor activities.

5- Heated gloves as an amazing gift for a men skier

One of the most annoying things when we are skiing is the feeling of having cold hands. This problem is now in the past thanks to the creation of the Savior Heated Gloves. These gloves have a portable battery with which you can heat your hands in less than 30 seconds.

It has 3 different settings, so you can choose the level of heat you want. Its battery lasts up to 6 hours.

7- Tesla long sleeve thermal t-shirt, the most practical gift

To keep our body warm, it is necessary to use thermal clothing that maintains our body temperature. These types of thermal shirts are very light so they will not be annoying when we go skiing.

This particular garment, the Tesla long sleeve thermal shirt, is made of wool, which increases the sensation of heat. In addition, the fabric is elastic so that once it is put on, it will fit the body without problems. Also, this shirt has been designed to dry quickly. Do not doubt that it is a very useful and practical gift for a skier.

Finally, and as a curious fact, the manufacturers of this shirt are the same company that designs the most modern electric cars on the world. Therefore, you can be sure that the technology used to create it this T-shirt cannot be better.

8- Ortovox backpack

When we go skiing it is very important to carry a good backpack with you, where you can carry everything you need for the day. An essential requirement for a lover of snow sports is that the backpack must be waterproof and very resistant so that it will be able to withstand possible falls.

With the Ortovox that we propose you will have everything you need. It has an internal reinforcement, so everything you carry inside the backpack will not be damaged, even if there are falls. It is water resistant, so you can leave it on the floor without worrying that the things that you have inside will get wet. In addition, one of the best features of this backpack is that it has straps with which you can fix it well on the back and carry it with you all the time.

A different characteristic of this backpack is that, in case of emergencies, it has a whistle to indicate your location. So, it is a top gift for men skiers.

If you were short on gift ideas for men, we hope we have helped you to choose a great present for the most skiers in your family. We are sure that with these ideas you will succeed.