Anticipated opening. Since November 25, the Val Cenis ski resort has its tracks open for training, to clubs, committees, private structures or national teams of the UCPA that have the possibility of training there until the opening to the public. The opening to the public is scheduled for the weekend of December 07 and 08.

Partial opening to support skiing and competition skiing

The Val Cenis ski resort, located in the Upper Maurienne valley, opened its slalom area on November 25.

For the second consecutive year, the Val Cenis ski resort faces the challenge of anticipating its opening for the benefit of professionals and young people.

With this action the resort demonstrates a strong will and gives its support to all those who practice skiing intensely during the season and doing so the station demonstrates the commitment of Val Cenis towards the ski competition.

This year, it is from November 25 that clubs, committees, private structures or national teams can come and train at this station until the domain is opened to the general public that is scheduled for December 7 and 8. The opening at the beginning of the season confirms the existence of a very good snow thanks to snowfalls like the last one that contributed 60 cm to 2000 m of altitude. This snowfall took place on November 23. Its pre-opening is also possible thanks to the joint work between the Val Cenis Town Hall, the ski area, the ski club and the Savoy Committee.

Skiers can use the Vieux Moulin cable car to reach the top of the resort at first light, and once there, they have the possibility of using the Solert chairlift and the Fema chairlift.

Val Cenis

Many clubs and many teams have chosen to train in Val Cenis at the beginning of the season, and in particular the French ski team Handisport ski Alpine, that will be in the sky station from December 1 to 5 with Marie BOCHET and Arthur BAUCHET.

A total of 150 people a day spread throughout the week sets the path that the resort will follow this winter.


In Val Cenis, the first days of opening have been particularly positive:

«The snow conditions for the month of November are great! Carry out training at Val Cenis is a real advantage because we have several stages available, less queue for lifts and more time to dedicate to pure training ».

Alexandre from UCPA is training to pass the Eurotest.

«Days like this in autumn are very uncommon! We have really good conditions, better than we expected! The snow is very well worked to compete and here we have all the pedagogical options: variety of terrain, freedom to configure our routes, … it is a real luxury! Being here we really optimize our training time”.

Quentin, ski training manager at UCPA.

«The conditions are optimal for training; the snow has hardened well and there is even sun that invites you to ski! Val Cenis allows us to change our training camp in the fall. Here they support competition sky and we are very well welcome ».

Val Cenis – Opening to the public on December 7 and 8

The Val Cenis ski resort will open a portion of its ski domains on the weekend of December 7 and 8.

In these first days of the opening, it will be possible to ski on the main axis of the Val Cenis ski area, using the Vieux Moulin cable car, the Solert chairlift and the Met chairlift.

The one-day pass will be offered for the price of € 17.00, being only possible the online purchase until Wednesday, December 4. This great exceptional offer will allow great ski enthusiasts to discover the new platform that will offer dynamic prices for the Val Cenis station, being pioneer in this new way of selling packages.

Customers who do not wish to buy it on the Internet can also obtain their ski passes at the Vieux Moulin cable car for € 19.50 (50% discount on the public rate).