The Peyragudes ski resort, located in the Hautes-Pyrénées, is one of the greatest ski resorts in the Pyrenees. Its modern ski lifts, their investments in improving their systems to keep their resort with snow, the quality of its services, its eagerness to welcome the Spanish client so they feel like at home, the new installation of a Skyvall cable car to sleep in the valley and the fact that the 100 % of the accommodation can be found at the foot of the track are just some of the arguments that make us consider Peyragudes as a model to follow in the French Pyrenees. The station has just announced an early opening of its ski domain on November 30.

Especially favourable snow conditions

At the beginning of winter, the announcement of the early opening is received like a breath of fresh air in the snow sector. A 100% cream cake, 100% snow, with extremely good snow conditions, even exceptional, considering that we are in November.

peyragudes-resortSome of you will remember the difficult beginnings of last winter. Fortunately, this scenario now remains just as a bad memory, thanks to the heavy snowfall of the recent weeks that have left an incredible snow cover at high and low levels.

These images published by Peyragudes station on their social networks speak for themselves …

Photo : Peyragudes November 2019

Fantastic snow conditions: Peyragudes’ irresistible offer

The ski season comes in quickly this winter with totally incredible offers. With the intention to attract the Spanish public, Peyragudes station is handing it to you on plate so you can enjoy the December bank holiday in a really cheap way.

The ski station will be open for the December bank holiday, from November 06th to the 09th. You can go to skiing for 2 or 3 nights and 3 days of skiing, from € 129 per person.

An opportunity that you cannot miss to get warmed up in December and enjoy a ski season that is expected to be really white and with a lot of skiing in virgin snow.

The Skyvall: a cable car that structures the valley and the Peyragudes station

Skyvall is the icing on the cake, the only things that was missing at Peyragudes ski station. An ambitious 3-kilometer project between the Peyragudes ski resort and the village, Loudenvielle in the Louron valley. A cable car that represents the backbone of a valley in full expansion and development, which has an impact on the entire territory close to the ski resort.

Skyvall offers a panoramic journey through the Louron Valley. It will make you feel as if you were in the movie Skyfall with James Bond. In 1997, Peyragudes was one of the main stages of the movie «Tomorrow Never Dies». On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the filming, in 2017, Peyragudes inaugurated a new ski slope and named it “007”.

This ski slope connects the upper part of the slopes with the Balestas area, facilitating the returning of skiing on foot for those that are residents in the Balestas area. The Peyragudes-Balestas altiport also refers to the James Bond movie, with an event hall called Altiport 007, in tribute and in memory of this great encounter between the cinema and the Pyrenean mountain.

The structure of the SkyVall cable car has a total of 23 posts that connect the town of Loudenvielle (located at 900 m altitude) with the Peyragudes station, at an altitude of 1600m. A slope of almost 700 meters is traverse in less than 9 minutes. For this winter season 2019.2020, the Skyvall will offer 27 cabins of 10 seats each.

An installation that will transport 800 people / hour. This capacity can be increased to 66 cabins that will have the capacity to transport 2000 people / hour. This increase in time will increase the levels of visitor of the next season but will also facilitate the development and completion of the new accommodations that are under construction in the valley.

Photo : Skyvall

A 4-season tourist destination

The main target of the Louron Valley in general, and the Peyragudes station in particular, is to become a summer and winter destination “4 seasons.” The cable car will also be open occasionally during periods of French and Spanish school holidays: Easter, weekends in spring and All Saints. Find out more on their website.

The Louron Valley is firmly positioned towards all kind of summer or winter mountain activities. Laurent García, Director of the Peyragudes ski resort explains :


The Peyragudes ski resort will be open from November the 30t to December the 1st. After theses date will be open on December the 6th to the 09th. Finally it will be continuously open from December 14th, 2019 to March 29th, 2020.