Who tells us that we can’t wear makeup on the snow? Makeup can be worn by whoever wants and whenever when we want. There are people who like makeup more than others and if you want to go to ski wearing makeup like Lindsey Vonn, who likes makeup so much that she created her own brand, in this post we will show you the tips for wearing a natural makeup that will last all day, for skiing and apreski activities.

How can we make up for a snowy day?

The first thing we must do before putting on makeup is to wash our face and put on the moisturizer that we always use. In a previous post, we saw which moisturizing cream suited you best according to your skin necessities.

The second step is to put on a high protection sunscreen. Although we have already put on our face cream with sun protection, we must wear another cream with a at least a protection of 50 against the sun because in the snow the chances of burning increase as the sun’s rays are reflected in the snow and getting sunburns are harmful for our skin.

Thirdly, we have to choose a makeup base that adapts to our skin tone and also has sunscreen protection. Remember that your skin tone is not the same in summer than in winter, so it is likely that your makeup base is now a shade lower. When it comes to guess which our base colour is, there is a common mistake which is to try the different tones in our hand. You don’t put the base in your hands when putting on makeup, so, for the same reasons, we should not do the tests there, but in the neck or face. If you have doubts of which colour is the one that would fit your skin, do not hesitate and ask the store staff for help.

Image: natural makeup

In the next step, we continue with the concealer. There are professionals that first apply the concealer and then the base and there are make-up artists who do it the other way around. It really does not matter. When using concealer, we must make sure that we are using the same tone of our skin, and to choose the right one, we will use the same trick that we have used with the base. We will apply the concealer in areas where we have something we want to correct or cover, such as pimples, redness or dark circles.

The next area to put on makeup will be the cheeks. Putting make up on our cheeks will be the step to give a touch of colour to our natural makeup. For those who have golden or darker skin, the blush should be a peach tone and for light skin it would be better to use a coral one.

In this step, we will make up our eyes. When we go to ski, we look for a natural makeup and our eyes cannot be different to rest of our makeup. To achieve a natural look, we will avoid putting to much make up on the eyes, so it is best not to wear shadows or wear soft and earth tones like nude. And to give and extra volume to the eye we will put on mascara. For the eyebrows we will use a eyebrows gel so that at the time of skiing they do not get messy with the wind or the snow.

Maquillaje natural
Image: light eyeshadows

Last but not least, the lips. With the cold our lips get dry more than normal, so, the best thing will be to use a lip balm with solar factor and pastel pink tones to continue with the line of naturalness.

Tips to make your makeup last all day intact

In the snow, with the humidity the chances of the makeup running out or getting ugly are higher. For those reasons, we are going to show you 5 tricks to avoid it.

  1. Before applying makeup, wash your face with cold water. This will close your pores and make the products last longer on your skin.
  2. Before putting on makeup, it is also very important to have a well hydrated skin so that the makeup does not crack.
  3. Use cream or liquid makeup instead of powders. We will use this kind of makeup for the base that we will apply on our faces, for the eyeshadow, and for the blush. Powders dry the skin way more than liquid makeup and we want to avoid getting our skin dry. What we want is for it to lasts all day and for this, as we have been saying so far, the face must be hydrated.
  4. Use waterproof makeup. While skiing or playing with snow you may end up with a flake in your eyes for example and the eyelash mask will be a smudge.
  5. Finally, look for products that have the word “long-wear” on their labels. Their formulas were designed precisely to last all day, so they will be your best ally for snow.