Although some announced the death of the seasonal forfaits, it seems they still have days ahead, included at the Gavarnie and Hautacam stations, in the High Pyrenees. Discover what benefits this type of ski pass leaves us.

The ski resorts of Gavarnie and Hautacam are located in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées, and more precisely in the Gaves Valley.

The competition between the ski resorts of the department of Hautes-Pyrénées is particularly large, with 14 ski areas. Garvarnie and Hautacam enjoy a privileged location in the Gaves Valley, which allows them to attract a clientele of skiers from many nearby areas: Tarbes, Lourdes, Pau.

A proximity that encourages ski resorts to attract and retain customers. The ski resorts of Gavarnie and Hautacam offer a seasonal ski pass with exclusive benefits for all people who buy it.

The benefits of a seasonal pass

If you are interested in a seasonal ski pass, it is definitely because you are a fan of snow sports. To satisfy your desire to ski, the ski resorts of Gavarnie and Hautacam have a mountain in the Pyrenees full of benefits. An original way to encourage you to discover new destinations where you can slide on the slopes.

  • In Andorra
    • 3 days of free skiing, to be used consecutively or not, in GRANDVALIRA
    • 3 days of free skiing, to be used consecutively or not, in ORDINO-ARCALIS
  • In the French Pyrenees,
    • 1 day skiing offered at the SAINT LARY station
    • 1 day skiing offered at FONT-ROMEU Pyrénées 2000
    • One free day at CAMBRE D’AZE
  • In northern Aveyron,

Discover the charm of Aubrac in North Aveyron, enjoying 3 days of skiing in the town of Laguiole.

Several kilometres from the High Pyrenees, this season pass entitles you to 5 consecutive days of skiing or not in Slovenia, more precisely in the Kanin complex, access by Bovec … but also the Platak complex in Croatia, between the heaven and the sea.

Image: Hautacam ski resort 

An international seasonal pass, created in 2013

This international season pass was born in 2013-2014 when the administration of the Gavarnie and Hautacam stations was entrusted to the same company. At that time, a partnership with Grandvalira already existed and resulted in the 3-day free offer in Andorra.

Today, and since 2016, it is STEM International who, by Delegation of Public Service, manages these two stations. This company aims to intervene in France, but also internationally, in the missions of tourism activity management.

As STEM and its services have developed, national and international alliances have been signed, giving rise to this international ski offer for this winter 2019-2020.

Ski pass rates for the 2019-2020 season

Take advantage of the extraordinary discounts on the purchase of the seasonal pass BEFORE THE NEXT DECEMBER 7:

  • Adult rates (18 to 64 years old)
    • € 330
    • € 230 if you buy it before December 7.
  • Discounted rate * (from 5 to 17 years old, from 65 to 74, student <25)
    • € 240
    • € 168 if you buy it before December 7.

Families are especially loved in Gavarnie and Hautacam and that is why they have offers adapted to all types of families, with one or more children:

  • Family rate (1 adult and 2 children)
    • € 761
    • € 532 if you buy it before December 7
  • Family rate (1 adult and 3 children)
    • € 966
    • € 675 if you buy it before December 7
  • Family rate (2 adults and 2 children)
    • € 1,049
    • € 732 if purchased before December 7
  • Family rate (2 adults and 1 child)
    • € 846
    • € 590 if you buy it before December 7