The hat is the most top complement of the winter

The hat for the winter ? And if this summer has been trendy any accessory that you put in your hair, the bigger and more flashy the better (headbands, hairpins, flowers, berets, etc.); In winter, as well. This year, the cold means winter wool hats: with a pompom, with two pompoms or without pompoms, it doesn’t matter. Last year they were trendy and they were so successful that this year seems to repeat the trend.

The hat is the ideal complement because it totally changes your look, it gives a different touch. In addition, it is not just fashion. The hat is perfect to combat the cold and furthermore if there is any morning that you do not feel like combing your hair, it is also perfect to hide your dishevelled hair.

We know that Influencers like Marta Riumbau are having the winter hats as their perfect complement and that they are looking forward arriving the cold to put it on. In addition, in this particular case, she is not wearing the hat just walking on the street, but also at home. Her excuse to put the hat on inside the house is because wearing the hat, the fringe does not bother her and she is absolutely right!

We can find 3 types of hat as you know. The classic winter hat without pompom, the hat with a large pompom in the centre and the 2-pompom hat. The colour of the hats is indifferent. They can be pastel colours, brown, red, mustard, black, any colour is welcome if you know how to combine it. And in relation with the prints, prevail one single colour hats. But the most important thing is that the hat must be made of wool because it’s the warmest material. Although we have also seen any cotton hat like for example Julia Roberts´ in the photo.

The pompom-free hat

The pompom-free is the most classic of all and is worn by celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, Julia Roberts or the well-known New Yorker it-girl, Olivia Palermo. It is the most basic hat, but it is fashionable as well. As you can see, they opt for black and grey hat since they are easier to combine colours.

The hat with a single pompom

The hat with a single pompom is one of our favourite. Influencers like María Pombo have not hesitated to add it to their own brands. In fact, already last year Tipitent (María´s clothing brand) launched hats with a giant pompom in the centre and this year could not be less. Very soon they will be available again on their website, but I anticipate that you can choose between several colours as you see in the photos below.

In addition, famous skiers like Tina Haze and Sarah Avettand are also wearing this garment. As you can see in the photos, it is a complement that serves for a cold snow day, to go to collect a prize or to wear it with a dress on a red carpet. These women bet on riskier colours such as purple and blush pink.

The 2 Pompom hat

And finally, with two pompoms. It is trending this winter. Skiers as famous as the recent winner of the Prince of Asturias award, Lindsey Vonn, loves to wear 2-pompom hats.

In 2018 autumn when she took her own clothes collection with Under Armor she designed this beautiful two-pompom wool hat. She called Cortina for her victory in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

It was a small collection only with six garments that were characterized because they could be worn both inside the ski slopes and outside in the cafes, for example. Lindsey Vonn wanted to differentiate.

“The Under Armor team has given me freedom to express myself throughout the design process. I love being able to ski with clothing that not only offers performance but is fashionable and is completely different from everything seen on the slopes. Under Armor helped me to give life to my ideas, and the amount of dedication and effort behind each garment is what makes this collection so special”- she said.


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Therefore, both the design and the colours moved away from the usual canons we were used to seeing in the world of skiing. She created vintage camouflage prints, purple tones and rose gold colour zippers. The collection was called UA Lindesy Vonn Signature. Hopefully soon she will take out another.

Now that you have seen the variety of hats that exist and how they fit, what hat do you choose for this winter, without pompom, with a pompom or with two? The ideal situation is have more than one hat. One without pompom, one with a big pompom in the centre and one 2-pompon hat so you can vary as Alexandra Pereira does.

Winter Hat with Pom Pom