That the cold is here is a fact. Sweaters and jackets are here, it´s another fact. So, it´s time to make your closet change, if you have not already done so, it´s another fact. Therefore, today we bring you a post with warm and affordable clothes that you will see a lot during this winter. We have been investigating the Springfield website and we have selected for you what it looks like it will be trendy this year.

Springfield ´s Sweaters and jackets

Springfield is a clothing store that originally just designed men´s clothes. In fact, there are still stores in some occasional malls that only sell clothes for boys. But in 2006, the brand decided to create women´s clothes as well. Springfield sells urban, cosmopolitan, natural and casual style garments. Precisely because of this, if you want to go fashion and not spend a lot of money, Springfield is your ideal store.

Browsing its website, we realized that the most succeed colours are brown, maroon, black, pastel (blue, pink, green, grey) and the most fashionable prints are not only plain but also striped and even a mixture of both as you can see in the following photos.

Jersey-skiWool and cotton sweaters are trendy this winter. They are super warm and it’s nice to touch them. Sweaters´ design are indifferent because it´s all fashion. We can see longer sweaters, shorter sweaters, sweaters that are long at the back and short at the front, wider sweaters and tighter sweaters. So, you can choose the one that suit you better.

Jersey-skiThe prices, as we have said before, are very affordable and they are between 20€ and 30€. All sweaters are on the Springfield website and there are some with discounts. So, go to check them out.

On the other hand, the jackets follow the same pattern of colours and prints as the sweaters, but the style and materials are different. It seems that this year the corduroy, the wool, the suede and the denim triumph again. And this winter jackets with buttons are trendier than zippers. In relation to the length of these garments is indifferent. You can choose the one that you prefer because they are fashionable both long and short, so you can choose one style or another as you like more or less, or as you are more cold or less.

The prices of these jackets are between 35€ and 80€ and there are also discounts, so take advantage of them.


Springfield ´s María Pombo collection

Apart from all this, we have the new winter collection that María Pombo took out with her boyfriend Pablo Castellano a few weeks ago with amazing clothes. And not only that, but it is an eco-friendly collection. It’s called R [eco] nsider Collection. The word eco is written in square brackets to highlight it since the materials used to design the clothes have been recycled materials and natural fibbers. In addition, they have also carried out the H20 plan to save water and energy.

Springfield has more than 1.2 million garments for men and women that are made of organic cotton. Garments such as t-shirts, shirts, sweaters or jeans. This is not only a benefit for the earth and the environment, but also for health, since it is cultivated in fertile land fields free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemical fertilizers.

This collection is full of colour and love. Some of the garments that stand out from this collection are the blush pink corduroy jacket, the denim jacket with inner wool (super warm), the ideal denim shirt for the change of seasons and the sweater with the black and white stripe print. You can check the complete collection on the Springfield website.

 Springfield photographs

Photo: Matías Uris de la revista HOLA.

DESCRIPTION: We show you the new collection that María Pombo and her boyfriend Pablo Castellano have brought together with Springfield. In addition, the trends of sweaters and jackets that will be worn in this winter 2019/2020.