The German company Völkl, shows its passion for skiing and engineering in every piece the factory makes. If you have ever had a Völkl in your hands, you may have felt both the solidity and the nerve its careful designs manage to share.

The first snowfall has reached the Alps and we haven’t been able to avoid taking a look at the new merchandise of the 2019-2020 season and the new Völkl models that we will find on the slopes.

If you like competition, freeride, freestyle, or any type of gliding on your skis, you will see below what Völkl’s family has prepared for you this winter.

Völkl and sustainability

You’ll probably be wondering why sustainability is brought up here, when what you actually want is to see the new Völkl models right away. We think it’s relevant for the consumer to know the procedures that each brand assumes in terms of sustainability. A strong point of the Völkl Company is its philosophy of respect for the environment in its industrial processes, very much in line with the values of I Love Ski. We talk about recycling steel edges and reusing them, using recycled base materials, water-based color prints or sustainable forestry wood cores.

Not only do we talk about optimized packaging with ecological materials but also minimize the use of resins and other toxins that are abundantly used in the ski construction sector.

Unquestionably, small details are in fact what make a brand great and we’d like to celebrate it. Depending on gender, ski level and use, you can choose your ideal range at the official Völkl website, as they offer a fairly intuitive way to choose your skis based on your characteristics and objectives in the snow.

If we must highlight the technological innovations of Völkl, without a doubt the advanced 3D UVO system specially designed to absorb vibrations, takes center stage providing control and stability to our turns. The 3D Glass system further improves stability and control, thanks to the special construction of its structure. A structure designed in three dimensions and in multiple layers, distributed in a heterogeneous way on the surface of the ski, reinforcing both the spatulas and the tails, making it possible to chain turns easily, leaving each turn as a real spring.

A Völkl Rocker and a Völkl Camber for each type of skier

When we join the skis with Camber by the soles, they come in contact only by two points – spatula and tail – being the parts of the skate that will be further away from each other. On the other hand the Rocker, is the elevation of the spatula making the skiing in virgin snow easier.

In the wide range of Völkl skis, you will find all kinds of options: from the Full Rocker, which has a constant curvature throughout its length, to the Rocker Tip, as you can see, breaking the molds.


Image: Rocker construction of Völkl. Source:

Here are the different ranges that Völkl offers this 2019-2020 season:

  • Ski Racing Tiger – Volkl
  • Piste All Mountain – Volkl
  • Freeride – Volkl
  • Freestyle – Volkl

Volkl Ski Racing: Roar on the slopes with a Race Tiger

Let’s start with those who run like a tiger on the tracks. The Racetiger range does not disappoint. The excellent base and core they created continues to respond excellently in short and medium turns, providing a lot of speed.

Here we will find the wide range of Racetiger GS PRO, GS, SL PRO, SL, RC, SC, …

esquis volkl ski

Image: Volkl Racetiger range.

The entire range has a special design that highlights its vivid colors, which will make them unmistakable in the snow. Its core of wood, composite and hybrid bases, gives the Race Tiger range a nerve and robustness in the turn that tests anyone’s technique and physical form.

The control feeling this range transmits in each turn, is noticeable with its reduction of vibrations and great performance in well-trodden ground. It is a kind of ski that will allow you to enter into nearly virgin even though it is not its specialty, therefor you will feel the response is not adequate depending on the thickness and the state of the snow.

Völkl Racetiger SL: pure nerve in each curve

The SL range of Völkl is probably the most enjoyable skis on the track, providing great reactivity and confidence to the skier from the start.

The Racetiger SL range is presented this 2019-2020 season with a new wider Sidecut (127 in spatula and 103mm in tail) specially designed for the slalom. A ski conceived for carving of short turn, with 68mm of skate, which will allow you to change the edge very easily.


esquis volkl-4

Image: ski Völkl Racetiger SL

A more versatile and relaxed ski thanks to the Rocker profile. It is not designed for long and fast turns; does not respond the same as the GL despite its longer model (170cm), weighs 3,140 grams and has a radius of 13.4. If you want speed, control, few vibrations and a lot of power at every turn, head to the GS range of Völkl.

Völkl Racetiger GS: the racing machine

The GS PRO and SL PRO ranges have an extra reinforcement plate to the hard core called ‘Speedwall’. A wooden structure with reinforcement in the side wall. They are mainly aimed at high-level skiers looking for a ski that always responds, no matter how much you press. With the Völkl Racetiger GS you have to have a special predilection for running.

esquis volkl-iloveski

Image: ski Völkl Racetiger GS

These do not precisely make easier the short turn, since they range between 17 and 20.6 turning radius depending on the chosen height – from 170 to 185 -. The multilayer core Speedwall provides spectacular performance in hard snow and presents very favorable dynamics in long turns. A ski that presents extraordinary characteristics but that will also require a physical form and technique proportional to the virtues of this Völkl model.

Volkl Piste – All Mountain

If you are into the tracks untreated and into investigating new descent lines, perhaps an option is the DEACON family within the Völkl Piste/All Mountain range. Here the range of possibilities does not diminish, starting with the Deacon 76 PRO and the Deacon 76, to the Deacon 74, 75, 84, 80, 79, XTD range and many more…

Let’s make a special stop in the super sportive of the Deacon range. Its older brother, the Deacon 76 PRO has come to stay and making lots of noise. An all-mountain with capital letters that comes in acid green or black tones. Its rocker on the spatula and tail represents a new way of skiing on the track. The Deacon PRO version presents a competitive finish that is also approved for the World Cup.


esquis volkl-3

Image: ski Völkl Deacon 76 PRO

An inclination of 0.8 ° and inclination in the flat edge (tunning) and 87.6 ° of canting, a 10mm Marker World Cup plate and the 3D construction. Völkl’ glass, make this ski one of the magnates of the entire collection. A ski that offers great freedom and incredible performance in hard snow and long turns, with radii ranging between 18.3 and 19.4. Despite these radios you should not be fooled, this ski goes very well in the short turn thanks to its rocker XTD Tip & Tail although it will require a great skier. A demanding ski, looking for a demanding skier, is this you?

Volkl Freeride

If you are not a big fan of the slopes except when going to the cafeteria and you’re an off-piste soul, Völkl’s Freeride range won’t disappoint at all. With beautiful round offs, the German brand is here to surprise us again with the Confession, Kenja, Mantra ranges, as well as with the Kendo, Kanjo and Secret. We’ll eventually be explaining the surprises that the German brand Völkl has prepared for us, we will dig deeper and we will soon highlight a Völkl Kendo 88 Special that is giving so much to talk about and is getting such good reviews.

For now, let’s focus on a Freeride classic that has reached the fifth generation of its great sales success: the Völkl Mantra.

This season the M5 Mantra has arrived stronger than ever. It offers a powerful and sporty freeride fit on the track and off-piste with spatulas and tails with carbon rocker, Titanal structure and Full Sidewall. A true ski wonder, versatile on the track and tremendously pleasant in All-Mountain and Freeride situations.


esquis volkl-1

Image: ski Völkl Mantra 5

A demanding ski on the slopes, if we find hard snow that we cannot run, these will allow us to make very wide turns. The width of the skate, is not 102 like its brother Mantra 102, but remains in the barrier of 96 cm. With this width, the experiences of floating in virgin snow promise to be great and their response in untreated snow might be classifiable as exceptional, breaking snow wherever it traces.

If this ski stands out for anything, other than its careful design and its rocker, it is because of the great stability it offers the skier absorbing vibrations in a really effective way thanks to its multilayer core and the Titanal Frame technology used by the German manufacturers, in just some of the Völkl family ranges (Deacon 84, Mantra 102, Secret 102, Kendo 92 and Secret 92 among others) among which is the M5 Mantra. A true Freeride beast for the most demanding skiers providing versatility without losing benefits in almost all types of situations.

Volkl Freestyle

When Völkl puts together some of the best athletes on the Freeski scene, can only seem as a good start to have quality feedback about what a Freeski ski must or doesn’t have to have and let the research and development teams do the rest – which is not little.

Long story short, the result is this brand new Revolt 121 that comes from the hand of Lead Engineer Lucas Romain, Product & Team Manager Jean-Claude Pedrolini and skiers Markus Eder, Paddy Graham, Fabio Studer, Colter Hinchliffe, Tanner Rainville Sam Smoothy and Tom Ritsch who have ended up classifying it as skis that offer “incredible versatility” with a camber that makes everything easy to get in and out of the kicker. Its performance in situations “All mountain” and in powder snow is magnificent and its assessments in “butter-support” and balance/stability in rotations is also something to stand out in a ski that will be seen shining in the best snow parks of the planet.


esquis volkl-2

Image: Ski Völkl Revolt 87

Within the Völkl Freestyle range, we find a wide variety where bold colors and alternative designs take center stage on these double Rocker skis. The Revolt 86 and 87, the Bash range in 86 and 86W and the junior ranges cover the offer of skis that have an excellent sole of high density polypropylene, ensuring resistance, durability and a lot of sliding on snow or rails. If you are looking for a maximum pop, maybe you should stay with the completely symmetrical ski Revolt 87, specially designed for those who spend the day in the snow park. This Revolt presents a Full Camber of extremely light plywood core, which will facilitate rotations as well as getting those tricks you have pending for this season.