The colorful season in Canada is a good reason to make a leisure tourism getaway, that’s where autumn offers its most extravagant face. The ski resorts in the country of the maple have understood the message of the public and are taking advantage of the great spectacle of color offered by its forests. The ski lifts are starting to get into operation before the snow season reaches its beginning, so it’s possible to enjoy the colors of autumn in Canada before us, the skiers begin to trace their tracks.


Canada: from sports tourism to contemplative or leisure tourism

For most of us, the word “ski resort” is usually linked with the thought of snow, winter and sports activities. But actually, they are much more than that. Faced with climate change and the slowdown of demand, ski resorts around the world are trying to position themselves as ‘4 seasons’ destinations.

Is contemplative tourism one of the pillars of the mountain? The resorts in Canada have understood it well, relying on an important point of the attractiveness of their territory in autumn: the colors.

This is a particularly strong season for the Canadian territory in terms of touristic visits. The ski resorts organize leisure activities for all those who want quieter moments. Seen as a moment of disconnection and relax, leaving the phone behind and enjoying the colors offered by the landscapes of Canada in autumn.

This is a way to optimize the facilities and ski lifts in a ski resort, offering visitors access to the mountains, effortlessly and reaching high altitude to enjoy eternal panoramas, where every day the view we can call painting, changes color.


Color blade in Canada: Mont Orford

From September 13th to October 13th, the Mont Orford ski resort, located in the heart of the Mont Orford National Park, offers a colorful show at La Flambée des couleurs.

Located in a protected natural area of Quebec, the Mont Orford ski resort bases its entire marketing strategy on the natural environment and what it offers. It intends to protect its ecosystems, and leisure activities organized at the station, are in total connection with nature conciseness.

It offers access to the different peaks through hiking trails or by cable car, to reach one of its tops and enjoy its five viewpoints. From there, get ready to enjoy a great color blade, where the mountain is generous at this time of year showing its yellows, oranges, reds … the colors are intertwined creating a range of colors that won’t stop varying, just as the fall does.

mont-orford-flambee-des-couleursImage: Mont Orford – Colorful Bud


Autumn in Canada: Mont Tremblant

During the months of September and October, the Mont Tremblant resort gets visitors from all over the world. Contemplation, something as simple as enjoying looking at nature, moves thousands of people at this time of year. They come to enjoy a trip to the top of the highest mountain of the Laurentians and witness the spectacular transformation of nature.

The complex offers access by cable car to discover this exciting spectacle of lights and colors from the air. It is amazing how from the station, they have managed to convey the appeal of this time of year in a simple and effective way. When entering its website, we will find a color blade that serves as an indicator and specifies the main colors offered in the Canadian landscapes in real time. An original and naturally beautiful way to invite the visitor to return and discover the evolution of Mother Nature, since every day, we can enjoy a different view that is full of life.

Mont-Tremblant-palette-couleursImage: Mont Tremblant website and color blade


Sutton Color Festival

For almost a month, the Sutton complex is also full of fall colors, due to its traditional festival of colors.

Every weekend, from September 14th to October 14th, 2019, Mont SUTTON offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of autumn. During these five weekends, the complex organizes many different activities to attract visitors. The ski resorts offers them the maximum number of services: chairlift, activities and entertainment for the younger ones, guided thematic walks for the whole family and for experienced walkers, barbecue with local flavors, live music at the foot of the tracks…

Sutton-festival-couleursImage: Sutton ski resort – Festival des couleurs


Canada’s ski resorts: popular in autumn and winter

Not to mention spirituality, contemplative tourism is mostly curative tourism. A vital need to take a break, given the fact of the frenetic lifestyle of modern times.

Nature has a privileged place in these new trends. It promotes contemplation and inner peace. The ski resorts have facilities and mechanical lifts, and are located in a privileged mountain environment: Why not take advantage of it all year? Lack of demand or lack of commercialization? The success of the Canadian mountains in the fall shows that many forms of tourism can coexist in the same space at different times of the year. It used to seem crazy to open a new range of possibilities at a time of the year that the snow industry has always considered transition and preparation for winter, but luckily, this is not the case anymore.

Here we leave a video shot in 4K that shows the color changes that the forests of Canada live at this time of the year.

The experience in the mountains may be much quieter in autumn than in winter, especially if it is a ski resort. The Canadian stations offer the opportunity to take the time to immerse one’s self in nature during the fall, they offer a different product that is geared towards a very specific type of audience, the one who takes their life easy. The goal may seem very basic, but sometimes as Bunbury said: “The most trivial things become fundamental.”