The STBMA (managing company of the French ski resort Saint-Gervais) has just carried out an action for Solidarity : the sale of the chairs of the old ski lift called Chattrix has raised almost € 8,000, generously donated to the Youth House and Culture of St. Gervais.

Solidarity travels by chairlift in Saint Gervais

The Chattrix chairlift replacement is part of a renovation and modernization program run by the ski area of ​​Saint-Gervais. The latter is the main gateway to the ski area called Evasion Mont Blanc in the Saint-Nicolas de Véroce sector. Built in 1982, this non-detachable two-seater chairlift was shouting for renewal. Everything emerged as planned, this winter 2019-2020 will be replaced by a 6-seater detachable chairlift.

Beyond the fact of replacing an old chairlift, the ski area of ​​Saint-Gervais has given it a second life thanks to an unusual sale and, more importantly, they have done a good deed, showing great generosity.

The Saint-Gervais resort has surfed the wave of Vintage decoration by proposing the sale of the chairs of the old Chattrix fixed-chair chairlift, located in the ski area adjacent to Saint-Nicolas de Véroce.

190 chairs went on sale in 2018 and quickly the stock ran out. They had to reject 400 requests, everyone wanted a retro chair for their accommodation, office, commerce or housing. Many winter sports enthusiasts and lovers of vintage decoration look for these opportunities to have exclusive furniture related to their passion. These unusual sales are, therefore, an opportunity to obtain decorative elements that come out of the normal.

Source: Saint-Gervais ski area


A donation to the House of Youth and culture of Saint-Gervais

With the sale of these chairs, the Saint-Gervais station has raised € 8,000. It was delivered in full inauguration of the renovated facilities of the House of Youth and the culture of Saint-Gervais, to its President Karelle Lecourtois.

The House of Youth and Culture of Saint-Gervais is a particularly important place for local youth: it offers a place of leisure and discovery for children. An educational project, based on self-reliance and the discovery of the environment, allows children to develop and live collective experiences.