What is the best age for children to start skiing?

This is the big question that all ski enthusiasts ask themselves when they form their own family and they want their children to also get to know the world of snow and to learn how to slide. In this article, we dispel all doubts about it.

Image: child in the snow.

The importance of them being the ones who want to do it

The truth is that the ideal age to start skiing is something relative and everyone has their opinion, but the first criterion that the little ones have to meet in order to be ready to start skiing is undoubtedly wanting to try it. A child who is afraid or just doesn’t want to go skiing will feel uncomfortable and not only will they not have a good time, but it will also cause everyone else not to have a good time either. In addition, forcing a child will likely get them to hate the sport or snow in general.
The moment in which they feel ready can happen sooner or later. Children who live near a ski resort and have more contact with nature may start going to the snow when they are only 2 or 3 years old.
Image: happy family in the snow.

What is the best age to start skiing?

Ski schools and tour operators usually accept children from the age of 3 or even 2 and a half years old, although they will be more prepared when they are 4-5. This depends, on the one hand, to their physical condition, since skiing can be a very demanding sport and may require too much effort for them. Also mentally, a year or two can also make a big difference, for example, on their attention span. It is very likely that a child under the age of 4 will have a better time just playing in the snow than trying to learn to ski.
Some people think that the best age for children to start skiing is when they’re 5 years old, especially if they don’t visit the mountain regularly. In any case, ski lessons for younger children tend to be more for fun than for them to really learn to ski. In any case, the ideal age to start skiing can vary on each child, according to their physical conditions or according to whether they are accustomed to the mountain, so that everything related to skiing is more natural for them.
As long as children start skiing at an early age, there really won’t be much difference in their learning if they start a year before or a year later, but what will make a difference will be how they perceive their first experience with the skis and the fact that they enjoy it or have a bad time. Therefore, the most important thing is to adapt to their rhythm and not force them.
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