The ski resort of Val Louron is located as a link between the Valley of Aure and the Valley of Louron, under the domain of the peaks of Sarrouyes and Estos. Its perfect situation means that, from the top of its slopes, you can enjoy incredible 360º views, thanks to which you can see numerous emblematic peaks (Néouvielle, Arbizon, Hourgade, Abeillé, Luchonnais…), the Lannemezan Plateau or the Massif of Nistos, without forgetting the Génos Loudenvielle Lake.
The landscapes of the area are characterized by the colossal snow-capped mountains and the lush forests of fir trees.

Val Louron: The ideal environment for families

This ski resort, in which there are no cars, provides a special security for families, with short and easy trips that adapt to the demands of the youngest. Its 50 snow guns guarantee the possibility of skiing on artificial snow if necessary. In addition, among its 20 tracks, there are possibilities for all levels. The atmosphere is very quiet and special attention is paid to young children.
Enjoy incredible 360º views, thanks to which you can see numerous emblematic peaks (Néouvielle, Arbizon, Hourgade, Abeillé, Luchonnais…
This resort is especially famous for its possibilities for learning. Its beginners area, which is fun and safe, allows the little ones to learn with the professionals while the parents keep an eye on them from the terraces. If you want to know more about the possibilities that Val Louron offers to families.

Winter beyond skiing around Val Louron

In addition to skiing, among other activities, in Val Louron you can go snowshoeing, hiking, enjoy the views of the resort from another perspective by paragliding or hang-gliding or go dog sled riding. You can also do other activities with the dogs, such as ski joering, or just playing with them.
The privileged situation of the ski resort also provides access to numerous “3,000” (referring to the altitude – in meters – of the mountains) and ice tunnels. It’s the perfect place to do activities for the most athletic ones, such as cross-country skiing, mountaineering or climbing on snow cascades. With the advice of professionals, for greater security, you can combine mountaineering with paragliding from a summit. Of course, if you plan to go to an area where the conditions are more extreme, such as the Clarabide Gorge, first consult its conditions and the danger of avalanches.
And when you get tired of the snow and feel the need to warm up, keep in mind that the spas are part of the culture of this area, contrasting the cold temperatures of the mountains with the heat of the waters in the thermal centers. In the Louron Valley, you will find one of these great thermal centers, Balnèa, which has many spaces to relax, indoor and outdoor.