Traveling to the snow with children always involves an intense organization work to make sure everything is ready and, sometimes, it also includes an extra concern for the little ones on the slopes. Luckily, some resorts are perfectly prepared to make this experience simple and to make sure that the whole family can enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
In addition to having an excellent ski area, the Montgenèvre resort has many facilities for families. It’s precisely for its activities for adults and kids, for its facilities and for its services with special attention to children that the resort has the French label “Famille Plus”.
The Montgenèvre resort offers, among other facilities: a special welcome for families, entertainment adapted for all ages, special prices for children, activities for adults and children (either together or separately), all shops and services close by and a team of professionals always ready to take care of the little ones.

Care of all children at Montgenèvre

Don’t worry anymore: it doesn’t matter how young or how naughty your children are, because at the Montgenèvre resort you have a team of professionals perfectly prepared to take care of them and make sure they’re having a great time.
Whether in kindergartens, playing with other children and making new friends, or in ski schools, learning the keys to this sport at their own pace and without haste, it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable vacation for everyone.

Many activities at Montgenèvre

After a day on the slopes, a lot of activities await you to continue enjoying Montgenèvre all together. These are just a few of them.
– The “Tipis” Village”:
When night falls, take the snowshoes and some candles and go take a walk around Montgenèvre. On the way to the village, you will discover the mountain in a different way, since the silence of the night has a special magic atmosphere. When you arrive, you will enjoy the local products and the story of the legends of the mountain in the heat of the fire.
Photo : Tipis village
– Ice skating:
Discover together another way of sliding, with skates and on ice. The skating rink is natural and outdoors, allowing skaters to enjoy the views of the mountains as they glide. It is suitable for all audiences, to go with family or friends. Also, open day and night, so you can enjoy different environments.
Photo : Ice Skating
– The Monty Express sled:
How to forget the great attraction of the Montgenèvre resort. The sled slides along its 1400 meters (1531 yards) of rails, with a 300 meters (328 yards) drop. The track, which is the longest in France, gives you the feeling that you are in an amusement park. You can even get your souvenir photo, as in roller coasters. Children from 1.25 m (4 ft 1 in) can ride alone, while the smaller ones can do it with an adult.
Photo : Monty Express

Improving day by day 

As part of its commitment to families, the Montgenèvre resort continues working to add new areas specially adapted for the fun of the whole family.
For example, for the maximum safety of children, four of their chairlifts, including the new “Crête”, already have the “anti-submarine” system, which consists of a non-slip protection system. There is also a fully renovated play area on top of the slopes.
The resort will have ready by next winter a completely new place to do picnics at the foot of the slopes, which will include a space to leave the skis for more comfort.
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