It’s important to choose a hairstyle that keeps our hair hair out of our face and that can resist during a whole day of skiing, because no one wants to have to keep retouching their hair all the time throughout the day. With this in mind, we leave you here a list with the best hairstyles to spend a day in the snow confortably, but without giving up the style.


Braids are without a doubt the ultimate solution so that our hair does not bother us all day long and we can still look nice in the multiple selfies that we will take for posterity. It’s a beautiful hairstyle, it’s practical and it has infinite varieties.
There are multiple types of braids, from the basic ones to the more complex ones, such as the french braid or the fishtail braid. You can do the braid on the back, on the side, make it low or from the top of your head, do two braids or even mix several braids together to make an elaborate hairstyle. The options are endless and the choice will depend on our skills and practice.
As a recommendation, the famous boxer braids are a perfect choice, as they keep the hair tight and out of the face and they are also very fashionable.


If you want to keep your hair tight, any low bun can be your salvation. A basic bun is an elegant hairstyle, it’s incredibly quick to make and it will keep your hair out of your face while hitting the slopes. If you want a more casual style, you can do two low buns.
You can also easily combine low bows with braids. The effect is very beautiful and, it will ensure a greater hold of the hair that’s closer to your face. For example, you can make a Dutch braid with each half of the hair and then put them together in a low bun: it’ll stay well tighten.


It is clear that, with the helmet, a high ponytail is not a good option. But don’t worry: if you want to ski comfortably, but without tying your hair too much, you can opt for any low ponytail variant.
If you have short hair, a simple low back ponytail is a good option. Any simple ponytail acquires an elegant touch if, instead of holding it with an elastic, you do it with a lock of hair curled around the ponytail. But you can also make one or more ponytails on the side, a bubble ponytail, or even complicate it a little more and combine them with braids, which will keep tighter the part of your hair that is closer to your face and also give a more special touch to your hairstyle.
You may prefer a very tight hairstyle, that stays well attached, or perhaps a looser one, that doesn’t feel too tight throughout the day. You can adapt the different hairstyles depending on how you feel more comfortable. Be that as it may, there are no excuses for not wearing an ideal hairstyle for skiing and for the après-ski.