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It doesn’t matter if you prefer a classic or modern style: paint your skis and you can give them a completely different touch.
Discover below the latest trends to use your old skis to decorate your living room with taste and elegance.

1. Use the old skis as such as a decorative element

This is without a doubt the most basic and most obvious option. Some skis hanging on the wall can be another decorative element in your living room. Just as you hang a piece of art or a photo that you like, skis show a part of your personality through another of your passions. In addition, they constitute an original element that can bring personality to any living room.
You can put them in different combinations, either in parallel, in cross, together or separately, with or without their sticks… And if you have really old skis, they will give a very special touch to your living room.

Image : Pinterest
Image : Ski Country

2. Turn your old skis into a shelf

You read correctly: a pair of old skis can be converted into an elegant, original and practical shelf. Skis are made to be resistant, so, in this new life you give them, you can use them either as shelves or as the shelving structure. The result is a minimalist but robust shelf.
You can also use snowboards, which provide a greater width for the shelves.

Image : Pinterest
Image : shelf made out of snowboards via Nodenja on Pinterest

3. Decorate and make unique coat hangers with old skis 

You simply have to place the skis on the wall and add them some hangers. It’s that easy. If you consider yourself a skilled person, you can also add a little difficulty and make a vertical coat rack, with a base on the floor.
You can get a minimalist hanger by using a single ski or get more of a cozy effect by placing different skis (either together or separately) in brown tones, which will give the room a rustic touch. The options are endless and the results are spectacular.

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Image : Pinterest
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