1. Snow and sun in Métabief

This February, all the ingredients come together to enjoy skiing in the Métabief ski resort: snow and sun.
With 80 cm (31 in) of snow at the bottom of the slopes and 130 cm (51 in) at the top of the slopes, the ski area and its 36.6 km (23 mi) of slopes are 100% open.
The resort offers several levels of tracks, with 9 green tracks, 12 blue ones, 11 red ones and 3 black ones.
The little ones can take their first steps in the Jura Kids Park, a real mini-ski area, unique in France, with artificial hills and extravagant figures that accompany it in an original and fun way.
Photo : Métabief ski resort

2. The landscapes … And the cheeses!

The ski resort of Métabief is located in the Jura Mountains, specifically in the Mont d’Or massif, a unique natural space, formed by cornices and meadows that have a rich and emblematic flora.
The landscapes alternate between gentle slopes and forests and offer a balcony towards the almost 300 peaks of the Alps and the Jura.
And who says Mont d’Or, says Cheese with a capital C!
Cheese lovers: get ready. Mont d’Or is a seasonal cheese that is usually sold from September 10 to May 10. The curd is molded in a mold of blocks of different diameters; Each cheese is surrounded by a spruce bark (straps), and then the edges are softened and shaped.
Its unique texture and flavor won the gold medal at the Paris Agricultural Show 2018.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mont d’Or cheeses, in the Métabief cheese factory they have taken a step ahead, modernizing their visit to the gallery so that everyone can discover the secrets of this cheese. From a glazed balcony overlooking two production workshops, you can attend for free and watch the cheese making process (every day at 9 am) and the work of the cheese makers and discover the traditional tools they’ve always used.
The visit to the cheese factory is completed with the screening of a film in a room with a giant screen in 3 languages, without forgetting a free luxury cheese tasting at the store.
Photo : Mont d’Or

3. Métabief: ski areas for everyone

The Métabief resort is a very versatile one and it’s suitable for all levels of skiing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find in Métabief the perfect place to go skiing, in a little white paradise.
Three areas make up the ski area of Métabief:
– Métabief (1000 – 1420m), an area where skiing is the key word. For experienced skiers, do not miss the famous Inverted, a direct and fast connection from the top to the heart of the resort.
– Super-Longevilles (1200 – 1430 m) and its large spaces. You will feel the full force of nature and enjoy the treasures offered by Mother Nature: the forest, the landscapes, the virgin snow … This is an ideal area for anyone who wants to escape and live for a while with the rhythm of nature.
– Piquemiette (900 – 1350m), on the Switzerland side. This area is located at the base of the cliffs of Mont d’Or, where snow accumulates easily. Nature is also the supreme queen and offers varied and unusual reliefs.
Photo : cliffs of Mont d’Or

4. Its quality-price ratio

One of the highlights of the ski resort of Métabief is undoubtedly its excellent quality-price ratio. With a ski pass for adults at € 27 and € 23 for children from 5 to 15 years, it fits all budgets.
The resort also offers packages of 2 or 4 hours for all those who wish to try the tracks but not necessarily crush all day. A ski formula for hours at € 18.50 for two hours or € 24 for four hours for adults, which is perfect for beginners.

5. Métabief: their kindness

Ski, yes! But with a smile.
Here is another one of the great qualities of the Métabief resort, and it is not the resort who says it! Satisfaction surveys conducted every winter at the resort highlight the friendly staff and the good general mood.
After all, what is more pleasant than spending a day in the mountains and enjoying skiing and the friendliness of the resort staff?
Winter 2017-2018