You have read well: the large resort of Montgenèvre is part of the Franco-Italian ski area “Via Lattea”, which covers such an extension of land that it is in both countries. The whole, with a total of 400 kilometers (249 miles) of tracks, is composed by five locations in Piedmont, Italy, and the French town of Montgenèvre.
Montgenèvre is located in France, right on the border with Italy, and this union with the neighboring country is breathed in the atmosphere. You can find Italian restaurants in which you can enjoy the cuisine of the neighboring country, as well as many skiers from across the border.
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At the Montgenèvre resort you can enjoy 9 green tracks, 22 blue tracks, 43 red tracks and 16 black ones. In addition, it has the French seal “Famille Plus”, which makes it an ideal destination to visit as a family. In the resort, you can find nurseries, a children’s club, the snow garden, areas for beginners, play areas or activities such as the Monty Express sled, which slides on rails along 1400 meters / almost 4.600 ft (the longest one in France) and with 300 meters of slope.
This month, a very special event: Thursday of Light
From February 14 to March 7, every Thursday there will be a light show under the stars at the Montgenèvre resort. This event includes the descent with lanterns for children, demonstration of ski, the descent with torches, fireworks and much more.

Montgenèvre: A historical resort

The station is located on the border with Italy, in a place that has a lot of history. That’s were the famous mountain pass Col de Montgenèvre is. It was used by Christians as part of the Camino de Santiago. That is why there are many churches there, such as the Chapel of Santa Ana, where the Obelisk of Napoleon is located. They are also forts dating from the early twentieth century.
The ski resort was created in 1907 due to the organization in the village of the first international skiing competition.
In the 30s and 40s, Montgenèvre became the meeting place of Parisian high society, welcoming famous artists, writers…
Today, Montgenèvre keeps all its charm, attracting visitors from both sides of the border between France and Italy.