Closed since Sunday, March 25, the ski resort of Val Louron reports magnificent results this winter, with a considerable increase in the influx, but also in its turnover.
“We received several criticisms about our pricing policy due to the fact that we were offering a low price. We are fortunate to see that this strategy contributes to the democratization of skiing and has increased the influx. We are aware that we must maintain our philosophy and show that the mountain in winter is more and more attractive”, says Anne Delignac, Director of the ski resort of Val Louron.

The ski resort of Val Louron returns to beat records

The mountain is still a major tourist attraction during the winter and Charles-Ange Ginésy, President of the National Association of Mayors and Mountain Ski Resorts explained: “The mountain destination is still the preferred choice for holidaymakers during the winter season. Promotional operations reinforce the appeal of ski resorts, highlighting operations nationwide, such as “In the mountains, Christmas is magic” or “Printemps du ski” (The ski spring), which have been implemented by the institution France Montagnes. At the same time, the numerous activities offered in the ski resorts are real assets to encourage assistance, and the mobilization of all actors must be a reality, in order to maintain this dynamism “.
The ski resort of Val Louron, located a few steps from the port of Azet, has played the card of entertainment and skiing for everyone, providing an offer adapted to the largest number of people; it allowed the undecided ones to learn to ski and discover the joys of skiing, with affordable and accessible products.
Anne Delignac is delighted with the enthusiasm of skiers for her ski resort: “Val Louron is part of the tourist landscape of the valley and the department of the High Pyrenees. We try to contribute, in our humble scale, to the tourist development of our valleys and allow the little ones to discover skiing. This is the market of tomorrow, and we are aware of our responsibility; we must increase the number of professionals involved and maintain our work tool “.
The Val Louron ski resort ends the season with a turnover of € 1.8 million, a 24.5% increase in comparison with the last season (which already had the best record for one season); the influx increased also by 20.5%.