The ski resort of Châtel radiates charm in every possible way. It is located in the heart of the international ski area of Portes du Soleil, which includes 197 lifts, 300 slopes and 600 km of varied slopes, suitable for all levels.
We speak of a ski resort that is located in one of the XXL ski area of the Alps, since it includes 12 ski resorts in different national territories: in France: Châtel, La Chapelle-d’Abondance and Abondance in the valley Abondance, as well as Avoriaz, Morzine, Les Gets, Saint-Jean-d’Aulps, Montriond in the Valley of Aulps, to finally the stations located in Swiss territory: Morgins, Torgon, Champoussin-Les Crosets and Champéry.
The ski resort of Châtel is directly connected to its neighbouring Avoriaz and La Chapelle-d’Abondance in France, as well as to Morgins and Torgon on the Swiss border.
The ski area of Châtel Liberté offers, in addition to slopes of all colors and levels of difficulty which extend along the French-Swiss border, modern infrastructures that allow you to cross from one country to another, without having to take off the skis.
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For this winter season, the ski area of Châtel offers a lot of news:

New free WiFi zones in the tourist complex.

The ski area of Châtel has 4 new free wifi zones. Some of them have been available since last winter at the station: Plaine-Dranse area, Pierre Longue, Pré-la-Joux, Vonnes and the Linga background. The extension of the network for this winter is planned for the sectors of Combes and Super-Châtel.
The possibility of recharging ski passes through the application of Châtel simplifies the task of going through lockers. Share the highlights of winter holidays with friends, by using social networks is now easier because you can forget the old “roaming” and having to use data with a foreign operator. The access to wifi will be available to all public at any time of the day while we enjoy a few descents in the white blanket of snow.

Beginners into the spotlight with a destined area to them

A new area for beginners will be created this winter, and it will be on the border of the ski area of Châtel – Torgon (Switzerland), on the side of the French border; it will be equipped with a ski lift, “Les Douaniers”, easily used by those who wish to experience the first sensations of skiing. It is included in the package Châtel Liberty and in the Torgon package. It will be located next to the ski lift “The Smugglers” and the panoramic restaurant of the ending of the Tronchet chairlift from Torgon.
Guaranteed snow thanks to the expansion of the snow production network
The manufacture of snow is one of the pillars of any ski resort today, due, among others, to climate change that threats ski resorts, whose base and latitude do not achieve the minimum recommended for performance.
For example, at the top of the Linga in the ending area of the cable cab and at the start of the slope that is directly connected on one side to the start of the Echo Alpin chairlift and, on the other, to the ending of the Pierre Longue chairlift and the start of the Rochassons chairlift in Plaine-Dranse. A key area for, in case of living a poor winter in snowfall, enabling the connections of ski lifts thanks to artificial snow production.
The number of snowmakers will also double in the area of the Linga slalom stadium.

Great novelty for this season: the first Snowfactory machine in France.

The ski resort is equipped with the first Snowfactory machine in France, with snow cannons that can operate with positive temperatures. See them work, it’s just amazing.
In total, 286 snow producers will be distributed this winter in the ski resort of Châtel, helping to ensure snow in the ski resort.

Works on the slopes to improve the comfort of skiers

All stations have badly connected areas due to relief or poor forecasting in the planning and arrangement of infrastructures. In order to improve the sliding ability and the comfort of visitors, the ski resort of Châtel is undertaking works of eart moving that will facilitate the comfort of skiers. In the area of Linga, there was a trampoline that was already part of the “stage” of this valley.
This trampoline, which was located in the lower area of the slalom stadium, has been eliminated, extending the slopes and improving the safety of the entire perimeter: La Leiche – El Aity – El Forgne as well as Linga 2 and Combes. Finally, the slope of La Forestière has been improved, creating a new link between domains in the return zone of Super-Châtel-Vonnes.

Slopes in better condition thanks to a more efficient work of snow-grooming machines

To improve the quality of the snow and optimize the works done daily on the slopes, a system that measures the snow cover have been incorporated into machines, improving the performance and efficiency of the workers. Currently, there are 5 machines equipped with this innovative system at the Châtel station.
The station will open partially from December 16 to 22 (sector Linga / Pré-la-Joux and it will link with Avoriaz) and from December 23, 2017 we will be in luck, since the entire ski area will be open until April 22 of 2018.