The ski area of Peyragudes offers an exceptional environment, with an east / west orientation ideal for skiing, allowing you to enjoy days of sun on both slopes throughout the season.

Sliding down the careful slopes that make up the ski area also provide a magnificent panorama of the natural environment in which the station is located with peaks that exceed 3,000 meters. The ski resort of Peyragudes has 1,500 hectares in the heart of the Pyrenees, distributed between 1,600 and 2,400 meters of altitude.

Peyragudes achieves the level of excellence in the BIOM indicator

The impetuous development of the station has been oriented from the quality, respecting the natural environment without forgetting the safety of its visitors who come to enjoy the majestic surroundings that Peyragudes offers.

puente constitución peyragudes

In concrete terms, the Peyragudes station supports local employment and quality of life in France, with the hiring of 81 permanent job positions, including 2 apprentices and 2 disabled workers, and 347 days of staff training in 2015.

Every € 64 out of € 100 billed in ski passes are redistributed in employment and sustainable development.

When we analyze the contribution of the ski resort to the socioeconomic and natural environment of its territory, we observe that it is equivalent to 227 nursery places or 1,780 days of hospitalization that are financed per year; in other words, local and financial participation at the service of all.

BIOM, environment in Peyragudes

In terms of the environment, the Peyragudes complex is not far behind: it is able to take advantage of the classification and recycling of waste, implement measures to protect wildlife, organize a clean mountain day and invest to reduce water and electricity consumption (especially thanks to the new gun heads and Snowsat tool installed in snowplough).

Finally, from a social and territorial point of view, the Peyragudes complex uses local employment, heritage, valuation of natural sites, associations with schools, etc. to approach the population and have a positive impact on its notoriety and sympathy capital of the inhabitants of the valley.

International standard ISO and BIOM

The station was certified with the international ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. The continuous interest of its management in providing a high quality service has caused Peyragudes to be the first station in France, ahead of the resorts of the Alpine massif, in achieving ISO 50001 certification.

The involvement of Peyragudes in projects that fight against climate change, as well as measures to protect the aquatic environment and the ecological restoration of natural mountain areas make the difference.

The 800 companies analyzed have an average index of 41%. In the case of the ski resort of Peyragudes, it has achieved a 64%, obtaining the level of excellence and positioning itself as a reference station in the French Pyrenees.