The three megawatts of baseload power generated from the project has produced as much energy as Aspen Skiing Company uses annuall. By destroying methane, a potent greenhouse gas, this project has eliminated three times the carbon pollution created by the resort each year.

Reducing the carbon footprint and methane for the entire region

The benefit of the project — and the electricity — flows not to the ski resort, but into the grid, reducing the carbon footprint for the entire region. This project is the only one of its kind in the United States.

The project unites unlikely partners: one of the world’s biggest coal companies and the ski industry’s greenest, most environmentally focused resort owner.

Over the past six years, Aspen Skiing Company has invested approximately $68 million to both on-mountain capital improvements as well as hospitality upgrades at both the Limelight Hotel and The Little Nell, including new terrain, new restaurants, new children’s centers and more..