Vars, is part of the insolite stations of ski that have reserved tracks for the ski velocity. This tracks have been honored by the International Federation of ski (FSI) in order to achieve the velocity records. (thanks to a derogation of FSI and FFS) The most famous tracks are the Chabrières with exceptional dimensions, a longitude of 1220m a ramp of 495 m and a down of 52,5%. Due to an altitude the track is situated in the beginning of 2220 m in the landing zone.

For information the first Run was celebrated in this track in 2001 and the last record was in 2015 where the italian skier Simone Origone descend  252,632km/h along the track of Chabrières. This is actually a world record.

Vars has welcome  for many years emblematic quotes speed skiing : Championship Youth France speed skiing ( on March 13 ) World Cup Ski Speed ?? ( from 21 to 23 March) and Speed Masters ( from 24 to 28 March).

France Youth Championship ski speed (or Challenge Quicksilver )
Initially scheduled for March 12  the championship rescheduled due to bad weather.This “junior” competition brings together young skiers between the ages of 6 and 16, but for very young that are these skiers, the performances are exceptional  exceeding 100 km / h , sometimes.
To celebrate the 30th edition the members of the France team speed skiing will be present  this are Karine Dubouchet Revol, Louis and Simon Billy ..

The World Cup Speed Skiing

From March 21 until march 23 the station of Vars will welcome the world championship of ski velocity. The best champions in the world that come from this discipline will clashes in the domain of this ski taking it to the velocity level. Around 20 countries will be participating in this competition to win the first place of the podium. Some of the highlighter competitors will be  Jan Farrel, thats has the record of indoor velocity track, he will participate for the second time in this.

Speed ??skiers need  concrete materials that are very different from those employed by other skiers . They are equipped with skis of 2.40 m long and with helmets and batons adapted for speed. They also have some spoilers on the calves ( aerodynamic improvement, as every second counts in this discipline ). The whole team works with minutiae in order to go always faster during descent and always improve this time but most important for these elite athletes is the mental aspect !

The  Speed Masters

They are celebrated in the station of Vars, from March 24 until March the 28. This competition only holds the best skiers in this discipline. Only 30 participants will be put face to face to beat the record of the fastest in the world. In fact the record was obtain a few years ago by the skier Simone Origone with a record of 252,454km/h in 2014 and 252,632km/h in 2015.