What are the technical characteristics of this track ?

Snowhall :In the Snowhall there are 4 tracks with different characteristics. There is a track of 620 long and 35 m wide (the level is blue or red according to the zone). Its unevenness is 90 m and the espesor of 60 cm. The unsnowpark also exist that allows the fans of freestyle try a variety of modules and  progress around the year. A green track of 110 m long it designated for the beginners. The smaller ones from 3 to 10 years years have a track of sled, reserved exclusively for this activity. The most original track is the tubing, since it offers the visitants a drop in an inflatable sled, in complete safety.

Which is the ideal temperature of the track ?

Snowhall :The temperature in the track is -2°, ideal number for a quality level.

What do you do to maintain such a low temperature, especially in the summer?

Snowhall : Under the isolated building  there is a distributor of cold as if from cold storage it was..

What is the energy cost per year ?

Snowhall :It is the energy cost equivalent to a journey from Paris-Nancy in TGV per person. That is to say 30 / KW / skier

What professionals are necessary for the track to function well?   

Snowhall : Around 20 persons work to make sure the track functions okay. Some of the ones we can mention are:

  • Technical Track:that administer the ski lifts, they deal with ensuring the proper functioning of the track and materials, tamped and prepare the track every day.
  • People at the reception: responsible for selling the ticket,  help customers and to host teams during training.
  • People in the  “rental” area of the material, prepare and care for the material all  year long.
  • Those responsible for the administrative, commercial, events and communication. Not forgetting, of course, management.
  • Those responsible for the restoration and the proper functioning of the two restaurants: pizzeria and traditional mountain restaurant (with recipes from the mountain area) and the bar. also we have an association that organizes activities for people with disabilities; it is an issue that concerns us and we put all our effort to ensure that the track is the most accessible for everyone. Finally another pillar of the ski resorts are monitors, ensuring courses ski and snowboard: ESF (French Ski School), FFS (French Ski Federation) and International Ski Pro monitors.

What do you do in case there is a technical problem ? (power failure for example)

Snowhall :We are lucky that in our region there is usually not a lot of problems of electricity. When it comes to the distribution of the cold, we have two machines that work alternative. There is always one that is working to ensure an ideal and consistent temperature.

What are the types of snow guns that you work with ?

Snowhall :We use 20 guns of snow of high pressure to ensure the total cover of the tracks.

Do you have evolution figures on the influx of skiers ? Do you count with a large increase during the holidays of Christmas and vacations of February ?

Snowhall : Throughout the year of 2015 we have received 111,118 skiers a mid of 9.260 skiers a month. During the month of December we have welcomed 1.340 more than in the month of November of this same year. During the vacations of February of 2016 we have welcomed 1.514 skiers more than during the vacations of February of last year.

How many groups do you take per year?

Snowhall : The truth is that we received a lot of groups because we have very attractive offers for them. In 2015, 320 groups came. Of this 320, 150 were scholar groups. Our great advantage is that we offer activities that they like from children to older people.

What do you suggest for the ski teams and for the trainers? How many teams do you take?

Snowhall :We welcome a lot of ski teams, especially during low season, season where the skiers want to continue with their training but the lack of snow is an impediment. We suggest as well a privation of the spaces reserving them during specific hours(generally to slalom training) The price of 1 to 9 skiers is 120 € a hallway of the track during 2 hours. For more than 10 skiers the price is 14€ per skier for 2 hours. There is also formulas with complete pension and accommodation. Access to the ski track,restauration, access to the fitness room, pastime and relaxation per 90 € a day and per person. The reservation for this formula can be done at the tourism office. In the year of 2015 we have welcomed 7.101 skiers of 50 different teams from the month of may until the month of November.

The Snowhall regularly organizes events in the tracks around the year. The next ones are:

  • Thursday March 17- Saint patrick’s completely green: starting at 8:00 pm until 10 pm free entrance to everyone dressed in green.
  • Saturday March 19- Night in Snowhall: Track open until midnight.

The Snowhall allows very original disciplines. You can practice modalities such as cross-country skiing or also snowscoot for example.