Mountain is up-to-date with the lastest technology. During a long time, it has been out of the digital age, but from now on, it wants to remain connected. The official launch of 4G technology on the ski resort of Montgenèvre is held on the 1st of March with the presence of the regional delegate of the mobile telephony of Orange, Richard Valette, the mayor of Montgenèvre, Guy Hermitte as well as the main partners and tourists skiers on this domain.

Technological Age, 4G Technology at Montgenèvre

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to live without having Internet access. Everybody is searching to remain connected, even during the relaxing time of their holidays! Montgenèvre domain is offering now the possibility to have access to 4G all over the ski resort. This new system can be up to 10 times longer then the 3G+. Thanks to 2 new antennas installed over two areas of the domain, the flow of the connection is excellent. The first antenna helps to assure high speed system whereas the second one affirms complete network coverage.

Therefore, 4G will always be available for the skiers, from the village to the slopes of the ski domain Via Lattea, passing through the high altitude restaurants.

“Inteligent ski resort”

4G brings along new proposals to the skiers on holidays in Montegenèvre! Everything is quicker, especially  when sharing information. With high speed on smartphones, tablets and computers, activities like editing a picture on the social nets, sending an mail, watching television or even downloading music will not be a problem anymore. The 4G offers a fast experience to the mobile users. Whether used for pleasure or for work, 4G will be a significant benefit during your mountain holidays.

Being a “connected ski resort”, the domain of Montgenèvre improves once again the service given to the clients thanks to technology. Further services will be developed, as for example the broadcast of information in real time, always with the goal to improve the skier’s experience.

Defenitely he will be looking for some disconnection from the big cities, but remaining connected to the new technologies on the slopes.

Ski resort Montgenèvre