Today, we bring you live the weather forecast and the snow thickness of the most significant ski resorts in Europe and North America in direct. Do you want to know everything? Find out everything!

After the recent powerful front that has raised very extreme and varied scenarios: heavy precipitation (accumulated rainfall of 80-100 L / m2, areas) very low levels of snow and other areas affected by a strong wind … everything. Fifteen provinces have activated hazard warning (yellow) or significant risk (orange) by winds, low temperatures and snow, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Nevertheless it is schedule to submit according to the previsions consulted. With the exception of the northwest and Cantabrian, the rest of Spain will have a clear sky during the the rest of the week. In addition we have to mention the intense weather in mountainous points in the east,northeast, high Ebro, Iberic system and with gust of 90km/. In Pyrenees, winds with north component that blow with a lot of intensity, thermal sensations rather unpleasant, even though the temperatures tend to be higher along the week.

After this meteorological part we will check the snow depth stations with the most significant resort’s dedicated to skiing that are located in Europe and North America, that after this temporary feature a significant snowpack.

In Spain during this weekend the large amount of snow collapsed in certain areas, such as Sierra de Madrid where the commuter train that goes up Cotos had to be closed. 82 persons were evacuated by the emergency service to descend to Cercedilla. About a dozen roads were closed to the traffic on sections of mountain due to snow according to the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT ). The most affected provinces were the western in Castilla and Leon as well as Asturias, Cantabria and Navarra.

In Andorra, Grandvalira has lived a media weekend where the two tests planned for the World Cup (Super -G and Combined), with a positive balance event thanks to the great organizational skills in very difficult weather moments (strong wind and accumulated excess snow). From the authorities , sponsors , suppliers , volunteers and dedicated public it was possible to place Grandvalira -El Tarter and Soldeu Andorra in the top of the international alpine skiing at the highest level . Today, it has a thickness of snow Doorstep reaching 50 cm and 120cm in the upper area of the skiing section, with 109 open tracks (out of 128).

When talking about the Catalan Pyrenees the station of Baqueira has very low temperatures in between -7ºC and -12ºC, with light winds and a total visibility thanks to a clear sky. With a snow part that indicates snow thickness in between 110 and 195 cm, dust quality (between 3 and 5 cm of snowfall during the last 24 hours) and 105 skiing kilometers (from the 155 kms) and 29 available lifts.

The Snow Park and skiing circuit are open while the boardercross are closed. The access roads are passable,and they announce a spectacular day .

Masella ski resort has an accumulation of snow between 40 cm and 95 in high areas of the skiable terrain. Dust and snow and sunny skies await skiers who come to this season in the Catalan Pyrenees!

In Aramón-Formigal, in the Aragonese Pyrenees the snow thickness in the station is in between 80 cm in the lowest sector and up to 165 cm in the highest zone, dust and snow in all the domain. The temperatures are low (-4ªC) but an amazing sun and light winds.

Image: Sierra Nevada

In Andalucía, Sierra Nevada the snow thickness is from 50 cm until the 2 meters in the high zone. A spectacular day to slide from 60 km of dust snow with a clear sun and temperaturas of 5 ºC. Caution with the wind in high zones and avalanche risks and also danger in skiing outside the tracks. It is necessary the use of chains !

In Tignes (France), the thickness snow in the snow is 3,000 meters high and is 300 cm and of 165 cm of 1000 meters and is open practically all the ski domain with 300 kms to slide. Warning the risk of avalanche is 3 / 5.

In Serre-Chevalier there is 20 cms of hard snow in the lowest part of the station, 139 cm to an altitude of 2,100 meters and 143 cm in the top of the station. At 2800 meters a great quantity of fresh snow to take advantage of the 66 open tracks. The ski is predicted to be clear for the next following days.

In Montgenèvre the town is covered by 140 cm of fresh snow and the skiing part with 190 cm. The risk of an avalanche in this station on very high. It is predicted that towards the end of the week more snow and cold will come.

In Peyragudes, the balance is fresh snow and a good weather for this week. The snow thickness of the tracks is 50 cm and 150 cm in the top with a light wind. The roads are dry and clear.

Image: Peyragudes

In Piau-Engaly there is 90 cm of dust snow in the station and 230 cm in the top, 2560 meters high!

In the bulk of the Vosges, in the station of Gerardmer the snow thickness is in between 12 and 25 cms with a good weather for the entire week.

We now combine Italy to the station in Cortina d’Ampezzo, situated in the Dolomite mountains. The snow thickness is situated in between 30 cm and 140 cm in the top and the sky is presented cloudy for the following days.

At the other side of the atlantic, the station of Mont Tremblant in Canada, the snow thickness in dust is 100 cm ( 56 cm fallen in the last 48 hours)

In the station of Whistler in British Columbia in Canada close to Vancouver we have 266 cm of snow dust. The station of Aspen Snowmass announces a couple of days in skiing that will be wonderful thanks to the recent, even though they don’t count with a great meteorology like the european stations since the are predicted to clouds and precipitations the entire week. The thickness snow is in between 124 and 184 cm od dust snow.

Finally, “The Beast of the East” Killington has a snow thickness of 240 cm in the high zones and 70 skiable kilometers.

It seems to be an ideal week to go to the tracks!

Image: Aspen Snowmass