An accident occurred last Monday in Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in Canada that could have ended very badly. Fortunately, everything ended well for him after all.

Tristan Stead, from Seattle, went skiing at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort with his family. “When I went to sit on the Peak Express chairlift the cane fell on the floor. The ski lift was pretty far when I bent down , but it was very quickly and it made me get up fast”, said the 11 years old kid in CTV Vancouver.

His family screamed to stop the machine while Tristan was trying to take his skies out. He remained suspended in the air for 7 minutes, 10 meters from the ground.

“It was horrible because the guy slipped and was not able to hold himself”, says Christopher Sakai, who recorded the scene. The staff from the Whistler ski lift stopped the machine and called several skiers to get the boy.

They laid a canvas under the ski lift to help him out. They counted until 3 and Tristan drop him freely to fall on the canvas. Except for a small pain on the nape, Tristan is healthy and safe from this accident according to his mom and the newspaper CBC News Canada.

The ski station of Menuires in the French Alps organizes, from the beginning of the season, until march 17 a demonstration of rescue chairlift with professionals in this machinery.

Every thursday, the rescue team of the station trains in green conditions with the help of 12 volunteers. This activity is enjoyed by the visitants and it is helpful for the rescuers and the visitors.

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