Is the first concept of rugby on top of the snow or “snow rugby”. Tournament takes place in 6 french ski resorts from Feb 15 to Feb 21. Matches will take place in snow, which is well prepared for the occasion thanks to the machine that steps on snow when the slopes are closed.

Teams have 7 players and they play with “traditional” rugby rules for 7 players. There has been some modifications, over time the games are 16 minutes (2×8 minutes) and the plot size is 50mx40m.

Teams are prepared for the same stations themselves. There is a mix of local fans and 2 former professional rugby world. This year there are anglo players participating in the tournament.

The tournament is celebrated in 6 french ski resorts:

The schedule of the day is almost the same for all stations with the opening of the village at 9am. Animations and initiations take place from 3 o’clock. Game starts at 6:30 and after that, since 7:30 players will rest in the ski resorts bars.

This tournament is celebrated by associations that protect the infant’s thanks to sports. The three associations are ACTION ENFANCE, The Serge Betsen Academy and The Foundation François-Xavier Mora.

In the old times the foundation Movement for the kids in towns. ACTION ENFANCE protects and educates kids that are in danger like victims of abuse, neglect or with serious family difficulties.

The Serge Betsen Academy answers to 3 great principles that are rugby, scholarly and health and it has 5 centers in Cameroon.

François-Xavier Mora Foundation aims to improve prevention care and support of the cancer disease .