Since last Friday the fresh snow covers the ski territory of Val Val d’Allos, this is really good news for the french skiers that are now in vacations.

Since Wednesday the sector of Pourret will be open thanks to the 50 cm of dust snow.

The space Lumiere is the only skying territory since 1977 ,30 years ago and connects to the station sky Pra Loup ( Valley of Ubaye) with the station of Val d’Allos, – The Foux (Haut Verdon) offering wonderful landscapes.

Val d’Allos represents one of the largest ski areas in the Southern Alps !

Protected by the summits of the Great Séolane ( 2909 m ) and Trois bishoprics (2818m) there extensive snowy slopes offer a variety of tracks on the banks of the Mercantour National Park.

Close to a docent of tracks it crosses from one slope to the other and goes across pine trees and valleys. The space Lumiere offers ski for everyone from the experts to the very beginners.

It is situated between 1,500 and 2,600 meters of altitude and it’s considered ones of the most beautiful skiing domains in the Southern Alps.

The latest snowfall has become more unstable for the top snow layer and currently the risk of avalanches is high ( 4/5) .

Remember that skiing remains a pleasure before anything and it must always be respect it following the safety standards slopes!