The ski resort Baqueira, is situated in Val d’Aran and it has come to an agreement with the station ski of La Molina and thanks to the support of the Real Spanish Sports Confederation (RFEDI) for them to organize the final World Cup of the Snowboard Cross (SBX) FIS 2016.

This competition has the participation of the best riders in the world including the Spanish team member RFEDI Lucas Eguibar reigning Crystal Globe highlights .

The celebration of this championship comes at a difficult time for both the ski resorts of Spain to the rest of Europe as they are going through a bad winter snow condition due to bad weather.

In our country the winter centers that are part of the (ATUDEM) Tourist Association of Stations of Skies and Mountains. They are in fully collaboration and the organization of this competition has presented themselves as an important common front.

The final World Cup of the Snowboard Cross (SBX) FIS 2016. 

Is not new for Spain, our country has a great tradition in the organization of sport events of the International Federation of Ski (FSI).
This modality of snowboard counts with historical numbers in Spain, since they have accumulates 8 editions in the world cup. (Sierra Nevada 2005 and 2008 and the Molina since 2015) plus a world championship FSI in the Molina 2011 and in the calendar the world championship of snowboard and freestyle in the Sierra Nevada for the next season 2017.

This strong track record in organizational issue a very powerful current team the SBX of the RFEDI featuring the winner of the 2014-2015 World Cup Lucas Eguibar besides the cantabrian Laro Herrero and Regino Hernandez andalusian.

The place where this World Cup of SBX must be celebrated is in the ski resort of La Molina it has always been known for their strength in assembling sporty events, but the absence of snows this winter has motivated the agreements with Baqueira Beret which has receive north entrance.

The ski resort Baqueira Beret has been put in charge of a World Cup

The Aran ski resort has been put in charge of a World Cup the first to be played in this season and to be held during the 19 ( qualifying ) and 20 (finals) March 2016. The championship will be broadcast live worldwide and they will have a large potential audience. In the case of Spain they broadcast live Teledeporte TVE , TV3 sports 3 and Eurosport.

Both the resort of La Molina and the Sierra Nevada have been very collaborative with the Baqueira station offering its experience to organize the sport event to achieve a preparation at the level of world championship.

The trayect will be traze in a track recently used called Boardercross, the track was open this past winter and is situated in the zone of Blanhiblar in the area of Beret.

To prepare the circuit in which exciting fights that will close at the top the 2015-1016 a technician from the International Ski Federation ( FIS ) season has already visited the area with the heads of RFEDI and the teams of both stations.

Nowadays they are still defining the composition of the Organization Committee that will be part of the station. The RFEDI, superior sports council along with FCEH Catalan Federation of Sports of Hivern, the Conselh Generau d’Aran, town hall of Naut Aran and the Consell Catala of Sports along some more.