Montgenèvre is well-known to be “the most italian of all the french ski resorts” thanks to its privileged geographical location close to the border. This ski resort organizes several events during the season in order to celebrate the strong ties with Italy.

For the season’s start, Montgenèvre holds the Sant’ Ambrogio and makes very often references to its roots. From 21st to 26th of February, a tribute will be made to the Italian colours.

Montgenèvre organizes “the italian week”

Brother with the village of Montegrosso d’Asti, located between Torino and Genoa, Montgenèvre organizes “the italian week”. To celebrate a friendship of more than 10 years, Montgenèvre makes a tribute to Italy so that their visitors will dicover the proximity and warmth of their neighbourds.
The programme: cooking lessons given by italian chefs, language lessons and interaction in italian, a concert with a pianist playing live, culture and history lessons, a trip to Torino, a spectacle with music and circus “Sconcerto d’amore”.
A programme that might adjust to every kind of visitors that will come to enjoy some nice days in the mountains.
The ski resort reveals to ILOVESKI that the visitors do not choose their destination by this italian week but hovewer, once they have lived the experience they are very pleased with this approach to a new culture.
In fact, it is an immersion week because the first italian village is at only 2 kms from  Montgenèvre ski resort. Its ski domain allows to ski and it’s connected with a ski lift and there is a slope down to Clavières.